2-Minute English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

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2 Minute English Muffin Breakfast

I want to live in a barn. I always have. Don’t get my wrong, I dearly love Bountiful (and have already dug in my heels and hung my heart on the wall ), but I have this dream of finding an old barn and completely remodeling it into a big old house, with heavy oak beams and polished wood floors. The outside would have to be red, barn red to be exact, and I’d likely have someone paint “SEE ROCK CITY” on one side of the roof as a nod to where I’m from. I’d have a big old southern style front porch going all the way around it with white railings and rocking chairs, lush green ferns hanging at regular intervals.

I’d have the original doors fashioned into sliding ones and paint their little support beams a contrasting white. We’d fix a new door on the sides, traditionally sized with a screen that had a wooden frame and spring so it would bang a few times whenever anyone shut it.

Of course, it would have to be atop a hill so that the sun hit it just right every morning and silhouetted it against the sky. And it would have to be int he South, because I can’t leave my homeland and I want the grass to be always green for my little view atop the hill.

Just think of the fun we’d have, especially the kids. Living and growing up in a house that echoes. With walls the color honey wood and real clocks with real pendulums that tick-tock tick-tock. We’d have to fashion several windows because I have found that my level of happiness is directly related to how much sunshine I get on any given day, and I want the house to be lit with as much natural light as possible.

I’d put my great grandmother’s chair right there in the lving room and drape her woolen plaid blanket over the back just as it was when she was alive. Beside it I’d set a large basket filled with embroidery supplies and a mason jar of candy corn just like my Grandaddy always had by his chair to offer to  kids who peered over his shoulder to see what he was up to.

The yard would be even, with the perfect slope atop that hill for rolling down. Kids would find it irresistible to run in and I’m sure I’d join in as well from time to time. Each window would have to have a window box, filled with daffodils in the springtime, geraniums in the summer, and pinecones that we collect for the winter time and would use to help start fires in the massive stone fireplace in the center of it all.

I could finally have those chickens I have always wanted and we’d have at least two more cats along with a friendly old lab who’d thump his tail against the porch railing every time someone came near him and dive after rocks folks threw in the pond for sport.

Just think of how much my children could get away with when they grew up. No matter what they did, they could always fall back on the excuse of “Hey, I was raised in a barn!”.

Today I’m bringing you a hearty breakfast that is no muss, no fuss and made in a jiff. Folks, did you see that gorgeous pic up there? That was made in the microwave. Seriously. No skillets to clean, no muffin pans or baking sheets to wash. Get you a plate and have breakfast in under two minutes flat.  I try to start my day off with protein rather than carbs and this is a great way to do it. In case any of you aren’t morning people (I am soooooooo a morning person – but married to the opposite) it might encourage you to know that you can also make it , start to finish, with one eye still closed.

cleanoff eggmuffin coconut pie 149_4000x3000

You’ll need: An egg*, slice of cheese, slice of lunch meat ham, and a english muffin.

*Small eggs work best

Here is where you can go crazy with the healthy stuff if you’re so inclined. They have high fiber muffins, low fat cheese, lean lunch meat, and nowadays they have eggs genetically engineered to do just about anything so just go shopping and knock yourself out.

Me? I just use what we have on hand and my only preference for eggs is that whatever laid it clucks of its own accord.

Another cool thing about these ingredients is that if you buy them just for this, when you run out of English muffins you got the makings for a nice little sandwich.

cleanoff eggmuffin coconut pie 151_4000x3000

Slice open that English muffin.

If you want, you can toast it. I like to toast mine but its a toss up on any given day whether or not I’ll go to the trouble.

I think it depends on how long before the coffee is gonna be done 🙂

cleanoff eggmuffin coconut pie 153_3986x2980

I am somewhat in between toasters right now so I just stick mine under the broiler for a few minutes.

cleanoff eggmuffin coconut pie 154_3998x2998

Here is the careful part. Crack open your egg onto one of the english muffin halves.

NOTE: You can also cook your egg in a microwave safe 8 ounce ramekin and then place the cooked egg on your english muffin.

Try not to let it run over but if it does, don’t sweat because it is no big deal. It’ll just cook on the plate alongside the muffin and when you’re done you can scoop it back up onto your muffin with a spoon. I was just realllly being careful for this tutorial but normally – blah! Crack the egg and don’t fret.

Now take the other half off the plate and microwave the half with the egg on it for about a minute. Keep an eye on it because each microwave will be slightly different. It will puff up a bit but should be done in 45 seconds to one minute.

Note: I use the smallest egg I have on these to help keep so much from spilling over onto the plate.

Some of y’all have wisely suggested pricking the yolk with a fork. While I don’t do this, because I’m such a wild child and all of that, its a good idea for you to to help vent the egg a bit.

cleanoff eggmuffin coconut pie 155_3808x2724

Then I like to put a dash of salt and pepper on mine.

Now this egg will be hard cooked, not runny in the middle, just so ya know – And it won’t taste at all like it was cooked in the microwave.

I’m trying to think of a cute little jingle about eggs to sing here but drawing a blank…

ooh! ooh! I got one!!

~clears her throat and begins to sing~

I love eggs!

from my head down to my legs!

Ooooh you’re gonna love it

the incredible, edible egg!


cleanoff eggmuffin coconut pie 157_4000x3000

Okay so that’s cooked, put a piece of ham on it (or whatever critter you prefer to use)

Last week I told this entire long winded story to Katy about how we didn’t have chicken nuggets growing up and whenever we wanted chicken nuggets we’d have to go in the back yard and hunt squirrels with bb guns and then Mama would cook the squirrels so that they looked like chicken nuggets and we’d pretend…

It was just one of those fifty thousand question sessions five year olds like to spring on you that sometimes go wrong. Haven’t decided when I’m going to tell her I was kidding about it yet… We were in the sun room a while ago and a squirrel clamored up onto the deck. I saw her cast this wide eyed look of expectancy towards me. Like she thought I was about to go into some mad hunting frenzy.


cleanoff eggmuffin coconut pie 159_3928x2902

Top with piece of cheese and other half.

Nuke that again just until the cheese melts, about twenty to thirty seconds (again, depending on power of your microwave)

Enjoy you breakfast (or lunch!)

2 Minute English Muffin Breakfast

Today I'm bringing you a hearty breakfast that is no muss, no fuss and made in a jiff.
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Keyword: muffins
Servings: 4
Calories: 220kcal


  • Slice Cheese
  • Slice ham
  • 1 Egg
  • Salt and pepper


  • Slice muffin open. Toast if you’d like.
  • Place one half of muffin on microwave safe plate and gently crack egg open onto it.
  • Microwave for forty five seconds to one minute, or until done.
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper over egg to taste. Add ham and cheese slice and replace top.
  • Microwave another ten to twenty seconds, just until cheese melts.


Calories: 220kcal
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“If I was any happier, I’d be twins!”

~Old Southern Saying


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  1. It’s 8:30 at night and I am scrambling to find something for my son before his first day of High School tomorrow… so I gave it a shot… WONDERFUL! I made it on regular toast because it was what I had on hand.. and this was amazing…. can’t wait to make it again in the morning. 🙂 One for him and one for me!

  2. I make these often as an alternative to the fast food version (which gets pricey). I am not an egg eater, but I will have to share with my teens about cooking the egg part in the microwave- I’m sure they will love it!

    Also, its nice to know I’m not the only one between toasters at the moment. They sure don’t seem to make them like they used to!

  3. I JUST dropped a bundle for a bunch of those Jimmy Dean breakfast muffin sandwiches as my desperation back-up breakfasts for those school mornings approaching soon (we start August 13…UGH). Will not buy any more! These look fabulous!

  4. My elders used to sing this to us ” I had a Lil chicken and it wouldn’t lay an egg, so i poured hot water up an down his leg, tha Lil chicken hollered and tha Lil chicken begged, tha Lil chicken laid me a hard boiled egg” I have never commented before but i look at your site often, my family has loved everything we have ever made from your recipes I’m originally from Al moved to ny with my husband, for years I have regretted not paying closer attention to my nana (who raised me) in the kitchen I couldn’t even do cornbread which we had with every meal, and one day I stumbled across your site and everything she made I’ve found here i have searched for a peanut butter icing recipe like she made every year on my b-day and could never find anything like it and you have it it turns out perfect like hers and of course nobody in ny cooks anything like we do in tha south most things I’ve asked about noone knows what I’m talking about, thank u for all the good food and a laugh just when we need it

  5. The story you told Katy kind of reminds me of one I told my youngest grandaughter several years ago. She was complaining about only having something like 5-7 pairs of jeans and they weren’t even new, bought at a thrift store, and all the chores she had to do. Well I told her nobody needs more than three pairs of jeans unless they are the real fancy ones that people can tell if you wear them more than once a week. Then I told her when I was 8-10 years old I was washing my baby sister’s diapers and making their Carnation milk formula. It absolutely floored her about washing diapers and making formula. Then I told her about milking cows, slopping hogs, gathering eggs and walking the bloat off sheep. As the oldest of four the only outdoor job that I had to do was help walk the bloat off those wonderful, stupid sheep. My main job was to take care of my two little sisters because our mother was helping with the chores and in the fields. Oh the good old days. That story still hasn’t stopped that grandaugher from complaining about anything and everything. lol

  6. What a nifty idea to cook the egg right on top of the muffin! I’m gonna go get the ingredients to make these today. Oh, and BTW, you forgot the muffin on the ZipList ingredients list

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