7 Festive Family Drinks For The Whole Family To Enjoy

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Treat your family and friends this holiday season to one or more of these festive family drinks! These are all non-alcoholic drinks so they are perfect for all ages. Once you find the perfect drink, serve it each year for a new family tradition!

Festive family drinks are always a must when our family gathers for the holidays. I just love creating dishes and drinks that get you feeling that holiday cheer!

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Warm up from the inside out with this luxurious and creamy Red Velvet Hot Chocolate! Red Velvet lovers will be delighted and others will be converted!

Hot Spiced Apple Cider Hot Spiced Apple Cider 

A simple hot spiced apple cider that is a blend of apple juice and spices to create an inviting drink. This is perfect to serve up at holiday parties, cold winter days, or just as a treat.

Apple Juice Brew3 Ingredient Apple Juice Brew 

This is a family favorite of ours. Three simple ingredients and a blender are all you need.

Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider 

I am a huge fan of my slow cooker! This cider not only taste fantastic but it will make your home smell amazing as it cooks away!

Simple Party PunchSimple Party Punch 

On Christmas Eve we make this and color it green and call it Elf Punch, it is always a huge hit! I even share a sugar-free option if you prefer that route. Super simple to make and so delicious, your guest will beg for the recipe.

Blushing Apple Juleps Blushing Apple Juleps 

A mixture of juices topped with a cherry come together to create these pretty-as-a-picture blushing juleps.

Perfect to sip on as you enjoy family time.

Old Fashioned Egg Cream

Old Fashioned Egg Cream (Contains No Eggs)

Weird name if it has no eggs… I know! An egg cream is similar to a milkshake just not as thick of a consistency. They are light and flavorful and will quench your thirst. You have to try them to really grasp the whole flavor concept. They are unique and scrumptious.


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  1. Please, please….do you have a recipe for Eggnog? I ant find it here in the UK and so must learn to make it myself….. Help Christie!!!! If anyone can, it has to be you!!!

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