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  1. sjs says

    Hey there. I will definitly have to try this.:) These cookies sound great. HMMM I wonder how chocolate chips would tast in these? I love chocolate.:) I will post recipes that I have tried later on my blog. Dh leaves definitly on Sunday. They had to keep pushing up the date cause of the hurricane. But things are pretty much back to work conditions. Hope you are having a great night.:) By the way here is my blog. It isn’t perfect but a work in progress. I will be using this to keep dh update on everyday going ons here at home.:)

    Have fun!!

  2. Southern Plate says

    Hey Tomato Lady! I just went to your blog and was delighted to find that recipe for hamburger buns! I had been looking for a good one just this week!!! Thank you!!

    Sharon: You have a great blog! I planned on hopping over and next thing you know I was reading about you giving away the three bags of girls clothes and homeschool books and it was just like sitting down with you having a chat!!! You know, my husband mentioned adding chocolate chips this last time I made them, too! They would be fabulous but you know what would be even better? BUTTERSCOTCH CHIPS!!!
    we are huge on the butterscotch chips around here!

    Thank you so much for linking to me on your blog! I’m going to add a link to you this evening…….okay it might be tomorrow, but I’m going to do it!!
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nikki says

    Your mama was so good to you, makin’ all of those cookies for you guys. The only time my mama made cookies was when it was my turn to bring the snack for snacktime at school (or for my Girl Scout meetings).

    I just got a new job baking at a coffee shop, I’ll see if I can sneak these into the menu… 🙂

  4. Stephanie says

    Those look so good! I have a couple of those big red dishpans, but I’m not sure I want to make cookies in them – I actually use them to wash dishes and I see the kind of gunk that floats around in there! Maybe I’ll just use a really big bowl…

    I made your fried green tomatoes, and they were soooo good! I’ll be posting those in the next few days, with a link back to you of course! 🙂

  5. April in CT says

    These are going to be perfect to send with my hubby to share with co-workers! And to take to family when we go on our 2 week trip to GA during the holidays. I always want to take goodies, but it’s hard to find things that travel well and last a long time.

    Thanks Christy!

  6. Anonymous says

    I would love to have your grandmother’s tea cake recipe. My mother used to make those when we were little. That is the only cookie I remember her making. My husband and I have been trying to find a good recipe for them. His great grandmother Williams used to make them also. Unfortunately they are no longer here to give us the recipe. I grew up in Athens and now live in Ardmore. It is funny that the state line seems to be the line drawn for the cotton fields.

    • BARBARA says

      I TOO, would love your recipe for tea cakes,, my gran-ma made them with a touch of lemon – but I didn’t get her recipe ‘fore she died …

  7. Joan says

    Hi Christy, I have a question about a previous post of yours, I cant remember the recipe. You had said something about Fire King dishes. Do you collect them? I was a flea market this weekend and I found some mugs. They were pricey but I keep kicking myself for not getting them. My question: Do these keep going up in value?

  8. Southern Plate says

    Hey Nikki Yeah, Mama really did work awfully hard. Everything was from scratch. She wanted us to have everything she had in addition to everything she didn’t have as a child. Most importantly, she didn’t ever want us to have to do without because of lack of money. I remember when my brother was in school, before my sister and I were old enough to start, every day when he got home he got a bottle of coke to drink. Coke was a pretty spiffy reward (and we didn’t just have them sitting around the house). Of course, my sister and I wanted one, too. Mama would save glass coke bottles and wash them out and then half another coke between my sister and I, each of us getting to drink our half out of a glass bottle just like our brother did. Mama didn’t drink any, she saved the treat for us. I know that sounds trivial, but it’s the little things like that which mean the world to young kids.

    Ooh baking at a COFFEE SHOP? I bet you smell heavenly when you get off work!!! LOL
    I hope that shop’s patrons realize how lucky they are! Coffee and something you baked? I can’t imagine a greater bliss!!!

    Life at the lake I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for your kindness. That is the most encouraging and flattering post, I honestly can’t find the words to thank you. Trust me, ME not being able to find the words is REALLY SOMETHING! Just, thank you. Thank you so very much. Please know I mean it from my heart!

    I’ll be sure to include it in the newsletter and put your name in the hat for the drawing!
    Oh my, thank you so much!

    Stephanie You know, it honestly kills me that I can’t offer these things to all of you. I am a “Feeder” by nature and I just love to send food to folks. One of these days, I am going to have to come up with a way to get all of y’all together for a feast! I’m so glad you liked the fried tomatoes!!!! I’ll keep an eye out for your post, your food always looks so good! I haven’t gotten a chance to try hoe cake with cheese yet but I haven’t forgotten!!!

    April You know, I try to always make these when we go on a trip to take with us, too! They just keep so well and stay so fresh! Thank You for reading and taking the time to comment!! I always enjoy seeing you!

    Diddly I’m so sorry about the double mailing issue! My email subscriptions are automated but I did check my list and only saw your email listed once. Is it possible that you might be subscribed under an additional email address? If that isn’t the case, perhaps if we tried taking you off the list and having you re-subscribe? I hate to do that but it may be the only other thing we can try if the problem persists.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for reading Southern Plate! I’ve emailed you about this to see if we can figure out something that will help!

    Have any other readers had this problem?
    Anonymous Oh this is wonderful! I bet we have the exact same recipe for these. I am actually going to do a tutorial on them very soon – definitely within the next two weeks but possibly next week – because I have been wanting some. This is my Mama Reed’s recipe and she was known for her tea cakes. Her kids loved the day she baked them because as they were coming out of the oven she would just put a big old pile of them warm in the center of the table and they were allowed to eat as many as they wanted! After they cooled she would put them in a jar and they would have to ask before they got one (so as not to ruin meals). Needless to say, baking day for tea cakes was big doings at the Reed house!

    If you would like the recipe before I post it just send me an email at and I’ll be happy to give it to you!

    That is funny about the state line, I never thought about it but you are absolutely right!

    Thank you all for reading!!

  9. Southern Plate says

    Hey Joan! Yes, I do have a nice collection of Fire King but as prices have risen, I haven’t actually added to my collection in years.

    When I was a little girl, my mother got into collecting depression glass. She collected cabbage rose, it was so pretty! She and I often browsed around antique malls and such together and she wanted me to have a means of sharing the collecting experience with her. At the time (this was about twenty five years ago), Fire King dishes were in abundance in antique stores and the least expensive dishes to collect. This was the reason she started a collection for me of those. We would get a few here and a few more there and eventually I had quite a set! I kept them in the bottom of a china cabinet in our living room and from time to time would pull all of them out and play house with them. Who knew they would become so popular?

    Nowadays, the price of fire king just keeps rising. Martha Stewart, especially, has made them very popular. There are colors other than jade, but the milky green jade is my personal favorite (and very much in demand). As they become more and more scarce, the price will continue to increase.

    However, I highly recommend getting a book on fire king before you set off to purchase any as there are MANY reproductions out there done in such a fashion that it is very difficult to tell them from the original. You’d hate to pay full antique price for a reproduction!

    A few years back (in 2000, I think) Fire king actually came out with a set of bakeware called “Fire King 2000” and you could pick up casserole dishes and mixing bowls and such at your local Linens N Things! Those are still available on Ebay and such nowadays.

    In fact, I suggest you look on Ebay if you’d like to find any of them right now. As consumers have started holding on to their money a bit more, we’ve found that Ebay prices (especially on antiques) have dropped dramatically.

    I have a love for antique and milk glass mixing bowls and recently picked up a set of three graduated sized Fire King mixing bowls from the forties with these beautiful tulips painted on them, all three for less than the value of a single one of them!

    Was that answer long winded enough for ya? hehe
    You know how I am once I get started!
    If you have any more questions just holler!

  10. Belle says

    WooHoo! I love to get a new cookie recipe. I bake cookies at least twice a week. Our youngest daughter and her three kids are living with us at this time and I always try to have a special snack for the boys when they come in from school. Thanks for all of your great recipes.

  11. Joan says

    Thank you so much for the information on Fire King, I will go out and get a book first. That is such a sweet story about your mom. I try to have traditions with my girls too. I didnt tell you earlier the cookie recipe looks great and that is the cutest pic of your son!! Its great to have helpers

  12. Southern Plate says

    Karen Hey! Yes, I always love how big they are, folks get this childish grin on their face when you give them one! Everyone has an inner cookie monster! 

    Belle Oh Belle, don’t get me started! I LOVE BAKING COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have so many cookie recipes that I have actually avoided putting many on here because I am afraid I will just go cookie crazy and y’all will run in terror at the crispy/chewy/warm from the oven madness!!!! I am going to do a few more soon, though!

    Joan Hehe, thank you! I thought my little Bradybug was a cutie in that, but you know I’m biased! You are very welcome on the fire king. I enjoyed remembering all those times with my mother and getting to talk about it, thank you for giving me the chance!


  13. Michelle says

    For me, the bigger the cookie, the better! I love when I have to break it into pieces to dunk it in milk. And it makes me feel like a little kid, because cookies always looked bigger when I was little. 😉 I have a humoungous metal bowl I use when making a double batch of bread dough, for rising. I’ll bet a double batch of these would fit in there…

  14. kathleen says

    Ok – this is my FAVORITE recipe page ever…. what a cutie. I share my cooking with my in-laws a lot – but there’s no reason not to spread the love a little further to neighbors, co-workers, librarians (my favorite people!)
    These cookies sound perfect – I’ll make a batch tomorrow!

  15. Frugal Simple says

    Christy, I made these last week for my granddaughter’s birthday party, and they were a big hit! The kids were delighted at the size and the taste. But the adults made a pretty big dent in the batch as well. I’ll be making these often. Thanks!

  16. Heather says

    Yum!!! I just found this recipe and ran out to the store to get the stuff to make them! So, so good! And, despite all of the large bowls in my kitchen…I did have to use a dishpan! I don’t think I mixed it quite as well as you did as mine are a little chewy, even though they’re crunchy. Make sense? But they’re still really good! Thank you for sharing this!!

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