10 Favorite Christmas Candies

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10 favorite Christmas candies

Yesterday I shared with you my Must Make Christmas Cookies (see that post by clicking here) and told you this post was coming. Well, I just barely have time to get this up and out to you today because we are about to commence to making an awful lot of what you see pictured in this post! My son wants gifts to take to school and we have candy trays to make for for a few upcoming parties for folks.

So without further delay, here are my family’s Favorite Christmas Candies!

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Grandmama’s Bon Bons

My Grandmama always made these. Read the story behind them and get the recipe by clicking the photo or title 🙂

homemade fudge


Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Cinnabon – One Recipe, Countless Varieties! 

This is a simple recipe and once you see it, you’ll see how easy it is to switch up flavors. No fail fudge is just a click away!

tiger butter

Tiger Butter

This has become the most requested holiday treat from my kids! Creamy, fudge like confection that is so easy it only requires melting and stirring!

christmas candies

Christmas Candies

Need a lot of candy and a big variety but have very little time? This budget friendly recipe is your new best friend :).

candied pecans

 Sugar and Spice Pecans

 I love these things and hope one day my squirrels will save me a few pecans so I can make more. Perfect blend of sweet and cinnamon, just like you smell in the malls this time of year – only better because you made them!

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Candied Peanuts

I started making these to give as gifts once pecans went up in price. I like to package them in those little clear party favor bags and tie them with pretty curled ribbons at the top. They are also really cute in mason jars.

snow capped treat bars

Snow Capped Treat Bars

This is an over the top version of Rice Krispie treats, with a double dose of everything that makes them so good! Works with any type of cereal.

10 Favorite Christmas Candies

Cream Cheese Divinity

This is not traditional Southern Divinity but it is awfully good – and no fail!

cream cheese mints

Cream Cheese Mints

These precious little melt in your mouth mints only require a mixing bowl and shaping to come together. This has become my most popular Christmas post so far this year!

Potato candy plate

Old Fashioned Potato Candy 

This wonder candy is sold next to fudge in sweet shoppes around the Smoky Mountains. You’ve got to taste it to know why!

Whether you choose one or all of these recipes to make this Christmas Season, make sure you get your family into the kitchen with you and cook up some memories they’ll always treasure!



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  1. Thanks for all the great recipes this year, looking forward to next year and many more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Geez, Christy!! I’m within 6 pounds of my goal weight and you just have to post about Christmas cookies and candies!! I want to make every single one…today!!! You make it very difficult to be careful and I don’t have the willpower to stop at just one! May you and your family have a blessed Christmas filled with love and laughter!

  3. Just want to take this time to wish you and your family a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
    Love your web – site, with your great inspiration, stories.

  4. Hi Christy I am making cookies to decorate only this year but I could not resist having a look at your candies. I am trying to stop Christmas going straight to my waist line this year. I must go and look at the roost as I love your inspirational thoughts. you are a blessing to so many people we all really appreciate what you do. Take care and god bless from Judi

  5. Christy:

    I thoroughly enjoy receiving and using Southern Plate and your cookbooks!

    I recently tried your recipe for Cherry Cheesecake Bites. Followed your advice and bought extra crumbs, and had to use 1 1/2 boxes to make a workable dough. I think the reason for that may be that the recipe calls for a 12 oz. can of SCM, but a standard can is 14 oz. Easy to overlook.

    I ended up with a lot more than 60 bites, but I gave up counting. I’ve marked up my recipe to call for the 12 oz, or 3/4 cup, and I think the 1 box of crumbs would work out, but I’d have to guess what to set aside for rolling.

    The bites drew no rave reviews, but they disappeared without complaints. What do I do with half a bag of crumbs?

    1. One of my batches I used extra crumbs as well, that’s why I suggested two boxes. The can size of the condensed milk was actually a type o, you do use a full size 14 ounce can, I just typed twelve, no idea why :). I corrected it the day I published the recipe though so it should be the right amount up in there.
      Disappeared without complaints is a good sign, at least 🙂 Although, if anyone complained about something I made them they’d find themselves at the end of a very stern lecture on appreciation and first world problems. 🙂 With the rest, you can always make more or make a lovely cherry cream cheese dip and sprinkle it on top for garnish. Another option is to get one more box and combine the two to make a deep dish graham crust for a yummy pie!
      It’s good to have you here, Pete, and you have more self discipline than I do, because I would have eaten the rest of that box of crumbs :).

      P.S. Thank you!

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