Lemon Syllabub

Using only 5 ingredients, this easy lemon syllabub recipe basically tastes like decadent lemon-flavored whipping cream. It’s the ultimate creamy and indulgent dessert.

Spoonful of lemon syllabub.

Syllabub is a dessert that has been around for centuries. I first heard of it in a Tamera Alexander novel (which coincidentally features one of my recipes in the back) and since it was the beloved favorite of one of the lead characters, my interest as a cook was piqued. I immediately made a version of this classic British recipe and understood full well what all the hubbub was about! Since then, I’ve heard this recipe pop up in all sorts of places and Mama said they even had it on Downton Abbey a few weeks back.

You know how you always want a little more whipped cream because it is so good? Well, this dessert is basically glorified whipped cream. If you love lemon meringue pie like me, you’ll especially love this because it kinda ends up tasting like lemon meringue pie-flavored whipped cream. It’s just delightfully decadent with a mousse or custard-like texture.

Most recipes online are pretty complicated and I have a firm belief that food and life are really simple, so here is my quick and easy lemon syllabub recipe. All you need is sugar, lemon, apple juice, vanilla, and heavy whipping cream. Once we zest and juice our lemon, all we have to do is mix the ingredients together until we get a thick and creamy dessert. It truly is that simple and the dessert is ready in under 15 minutes. You can serve it immediately or let it chill so the flavors marry. Either way, it’s best served on the day.

Now I’ve told y’all how this lemon syllabub recipe is basically going to knock your socks off, it’s time to get mixing!

Labeled ingredients for lemon syllabub recipe.

Recipe Ingredients

  • Granulated sugar
  • Lemon
  • Apple juice
  • Heavy (whipping) cream
  • Vanilla extract

How to Make Lemon Syllabub 

Lemon zest on plate.

The first step is to zest and juice the lemon.

You can zest it with a microplane, zester, or even a cheese grater if you are careful. 

The key is that you don’t want to push down too much when zesting the lemon. You really only want to get the thin yellow peel off without delving into the bitter white part. If you do get too deep and hit white though, it’ll be fine. 

Juicing lemon.

To juice the lemon, just cut it in half and squeeze it as best you can into a bowl or use a juicer.

Fresh juice in bowl.

Here’s our fresh lemon juice!

 The juice from one lemon is perfect.

Add ingredients to mixing bowl.

This is the part where a lot of recipes have you placing the cream in a bowl and whipping that a little, then gradually adding sugar, then gradually adding juices in a most dainty fashion whilst babying the whole mixture.

In my syllabub recipe, this is the part where you dump every single ingredient into a big old mixing bowl.

Beat ingredients together.

Beat them like they called your mama ugly. Or until thick and slightly stiff 😉.

Thick syllabub on mixer attachment.

It should look as thick and creamy as this.

Make sure you keep an eye on it as it can overwhip quickly and you don’t want that! 

Lemon syllabub in glass.

Cover and chill until ready to serve.

I recommend chilling for at least 30 minutes.

Lemon syllabub in glass.

Garnish with fresh berries and a lemon slice if desired.

Today, I’m using these fresh strawberries but I also love to add raspberries on top!

Spoonful of lemon syllabub.

BRB, I have some syllabub to devour!


Best if served on the same day. However, you can store it covered with plastic wrap or in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two days. I don’t recommend freezing it as it will change the dessert’s texture.

Recipe Notes

  • Most syllabub recipes call for white wine, but I use apple juice instead. If you enjoy the taste of wine, feel free to substitute.
  • Other alcoholic options you can use as a substitute include sherry, dessert wine, brandy, cider, prosecco, limoncello, or your favorite liqueur.
  • Now, you can use lemon juice from a bottle. But you won’t end up with as much flavor without the zest. If you use bottled lemon juice (which I don’t really recommend, but it will work) add about an extra 1/4 cup.
  • For additional flavor, add 1/4 teaspoon of ground nutmeg (or to taste).
  • Another common garnish is fresh mint leaves.
  • Want to change things up? Swap the lemon for lime juice and zest or orange juice and zest.

Recipe FAQs

What is syllabub?

Syllabub is a dessert originating from 17th-century Britain. Its core ingredients are cream, sugar, and lemon. It’s typically made by curdling the cream with an acid like wine or cider. Today, we’re using lemon and apple juice for curdling and flavor.

What is the difference between a syllabub and a posset?

Syllabub and posset are very similar desserts. However, syllabub is typically thicker than posset and served cold.

What is lemon posset made of?

A posset is basically made from the same ingredients: cream, lemon, and sugar. However, it dates back even further than syllabub to 14th-century Britain when it was typically served warm. 

Can you make vegan lemon syllabub?

Yes, you can use cashew cream or coconut cream instead.

Does syllabub contain alcohol?

Traditionally, syllabub is made with a combination of dairy and alcohol. However, today we’re using apple juice as a substitute.

What do you serve with lemon syllabub?

This dessert is perfect as is, but you can also serve it with the crunchy cookie of your choice. I recommend almond thins, biscotti, Amaretti biscuits, ginger cookies, or shortbread.

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Lemon syllabub in glass.

Lemon Syllabub

Using only 5 ingredients, this easy lemon syllabub recipe basically tastes like decadent lemon-flavored whipping cream. It's the ultimate creamy and indulgent dessert.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cream, lemon
Servings: 4
Calories: 222kcal


  • 1.5 cups heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tablespoons apple juice
  • 1 lemon
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Zest and juice the lemon.
    1 lemon
  • Place all ingredients (including lemon juice and zest) in a large mixing bowl.
    1.5 cups heavy cream, 1/4 cup granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons apple juice, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 lemon
  • Beat with an electric mixer (stopping to scrape down the sides) and stir from the bottom once, until it's thick and slightly stiff.
  • Chill until ready to serve, but serve it on the same day.


Calories: 222kcal
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“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow – it empties today of its strength.”

~Unknown. Submitted by Ashanti Hoskins.

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  2. Looks yummy, definitely have to try this one. Can you use splenda? Oh, and you have to try and get to Williamsburg, it’s our favorite place. You will all love it.
    As always, thank you for sharing your time and talent with us. The wonder twins and Stephen send kisses.

    1. As a lifetime WW member at goal, I’d say it’s probably a LOT of Points. And well worth each and every one!!

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      1. I’m not sure if you know, but skim milk will whip up pretty close to whip cream. Maybe you can sub out the heavy whipped cream?

  3. I always wondered what syllabub consisted of, but was too lazy to look it up! 😉 Thanks for enlightenment and making it easy! It looks like something even I could make, and also looks lemony delicious!

  4. Christy, I am excited to try this! I just brought back a souvenir mix for syllabub from a trip to Williamsburg – but I’m sure your recipe will be better! (Plus, I won’t have to try to find the mix again.) Tell your Mama I also noticed when syllabub was served on Downton Abbey 🙂 Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Thank you Kim!! Oh wow, souvenir mix? That sounds so cool! We have been wanting to go to Williamsburg. We did get to go to DC four years ago and had the best time there! American History is fascinating so I’m gonna move this up a little higher on our to do list 🙂
      I’ll tell Mama and you be sure and have a wonderful evening! It was good chatting with ya!

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