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Southern Plate

You know, I actually can’t drink ginger ale so I have never even had it in my house! Its all because I’m weird 🙂

It should work just fine, go for it!
I think you DEFINITELY need to get the three in one tomorrow though, because having a slow cooker with three pots on hand versus one is an integral part to all of my crock pot recipes. ~wink wink~

Really, the oatmeal thing is just super cool where you use the two pots as a water bath, that alone is neat enough for you to get it!


Ooh, that does look good! I love making chicken in the crockpot – that falling-off-the-bone thing is my favorite part!

April in CT

Ok, I’ll be a guinea pig and give the ginger ale a try and report back after said experiment.

Crock pot oatmeal! Oh man.. I’m SO going to buy that thing tomorrow.


Could you do this with chicken breasts only? How many do you think if you can?

Southern Plate

Oh sure! you could do at least six or seven chicken breasts in there (boneless) with no problem. I would stir them up a bit halfway though so they don’t stick together.
i’m so hungry right now………….

April in CT

So if I need carbonation and sugar…can I use a ginger ale? The only soda we ever have on hand is ginger ale is why I ask. I think this is reason enough to go tomorrow and buy the 3-in-1 slow cooker. *innocent look*

Southern Plate

Yeah April! It is awesome and it smells so good, especially if you put a bit of cinnamon and raisins in it.

Here is the link-a-roo!
You so need this crock pot!!! I am telling you, it will help bring about world peace if you own one!!!

Don’t forget that I am going to get all of those submitted recipes together and post them in a downloadable book, too!

Stephanie: I am like you, someone mentions cooking chicken in a crock pot and I’m in!!! LOL! I use my crock pot several times a week to make the meat for our supper and then just whip up some sides and we’re done!

Andrea Spencer

Where do you get this special crockpot and what is it called or who makes it? I am crying that there is a lonely little crockpot out there calling my name. I have 4 or 5 already but can always use another! Thanks!


I have made this on the stove a hundred times but am so excited to do it in the crock pot! We always serve over mashed potatoes with peas.