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  1. Southern Plate says

    Oh sure! you could do at least six or seven chicken breasts in there (boneless) with no problem. I would stir them up a bit halfway though so they don’t stick together.
    i’m so hungry right now………….

  2. April in CT says

    So if I need carbonation and sugar…can I use a ginger ale? The only soda we ever have on hand is ginger ale is why I ask. I think this is reason enough to go tomorrow and buy the 3-in-1 slow cooker. *innocent look*

  3. Southern Plate says

    You know, I actually can’t drink ginger ale so I have never even had it in my house! Its all because I’m weird 🙂

    It should work just fine, go for it!
    I think you DEFINITELY need to get the three in one tomorrow though, because having a slow cooker with three pots on hand versus one is an integral part to all of my crock pot recipes. ~wink wink~

    Really, the oatmeal thing is just super cool where you use the two pots as a water bath, that alone is neat enough for you to get it!

  4. Southern Plate says

    Yeah April! It is awesome and it smells so good, especially if you put a bit of cinnamon and raisins in it.

    Here is the link-a-roo!
    You so need this crock pot!!! I am telling you, it will help bring about world peace if you own one!!!

    Don’t forget that I am going to get all of those submitted recipes together and post them in a downloadable book, too!

    Stephanie: I am like you, someone mentions cooking chicken in a crock pot and I’m in!!! LOL! I use my crock pot several times a week to make the meat for our supper and then just whip up some sides and we’re done!

    • Andrea Spencer says

      Where do you get this special crockpot and what is it called or who makes it? I am crying that there is a lonely little crockpot out there calling my name. I have 4 or 5 already but can always use another! Thanks!

  5. BillGent says

    What flavor of barbecue sauce do you use? Is it more of a sweet taste like KC Masterpiece or tart vinegar based? I’m guessing that with the coke.. it might be too sweet if a sugary sauce was used.

  6. Leslie says

    Oh yes missy,,I saw this in your cookbook! I got it yesterday!
    GREAT JOB!! Oh my my…I gained 10 lbs just looking through it! Everything looks sooo yummy sooo easy and soooo southern..LOVE IT!
    I even caught my husband peeking through it!

  7. hot garlic says

    Hey Southern Plate! Congrats on being featured in the FFF. And from the looks of all of your delicious recipes you certainly deserve it. I love Southern food {who doesn’t?} and I will definitely be back for a second helping. Maybe I’ll even enter your Apple Recipe contest.

    Have fun on your Disney Trip, I see you haven’t got long to wait, how exciting!

  8. Southern Plate says

    Hey Bill! I use my favorite brand: Generic! hehe. In case y’all haven’t noticed, I rarely use a name brand anything. My generic is similar to Kraft regular bbq sauce.

    Actually, my brother is getting ready to open his own BBQ restaurant and I have developed a signature bbq sauce for him. It has a very unique flavor and has been winning out on all of the other sauces we put it up against in taste tests, including one of the big ones in our state. I keep threatening to publish the recipe here!
    It is killing me not being able to share it because as you can tell, I share ALL of my recipes!!!!

    Leslie! Thank you so very much! I am awestruck that you would even look through my cookbook! You are such an AMAZING cook!!! Did you read about what happened to my camera, when I dropped it into the chocolate cake batter? I am holding out hope (against all odds) that I might finally get a camera suitable for food photography now, although I have no aspirations to being able to photograph like you do!

  9. Southern Plate says

    Hot Garlic: Welcome to Southern Plate! Please do enter the apple recipe contest, I know you’d have something awesome to add!!!!

    It is so great to have you here! I still have to send a thank you email to the leftover queen! Wasn’t that nice of her?

    Bayou Belles: Welcome to Southern Plate!! I went to your blog and just absolutely loved loved loved it! I do hope you all fare well during Gustav, please keep us posted. I will have my fingers crossed and breath held for you and your lovely home!

  10. BillGent says

    I just finished the Cola chicken.. It was awesome!

    I also put some pork ribs on the smoker with pecan wood from my neighbors pecan tree that continually drops limbs in my yard. (ain’t complaining, free wood!)

    What a great day!

  11. Mommy's Kitchen says

    Umm there is something about a whole chicken that is just simply the best. I am going to try this I love whole chickens in the slow cooker the meat just falls apart. The flavors of the sauce sound so good. My son told me to make it after he saw the picture.

  12. Matthews says

    We having this brewing in our crock pot right now. At first the kids were shocked/grossed out by the ingredients. But now they are home from school and the smell is driving us all mad with hunger! Six O’clock can’t come soon enough!

  13. Southern Plate says

    Bill You did all that and STILL didn’t invite me to supper?!?!?! ~hangs her head in sorrow~

    Tina You’re absolutely right about the chicken! your son is such a cutie!!

    Matthews I had to laugh when I read this! We are the same way here! My kids see me putting the ingredients in and turn up their noses but by the time they get home from school its like we are all being tortured having to smell that wondrous aroma and wait to eat it!!!

    I do hope y’all enjoy it, but I just know you will! It is sooooooo good!!!!! Let me know what they say!! Have a good supper!!
    Christy 🙂

  14. Veronica says

    Hi thanks for sharing that I’ll definitely will try it. I always like to find new recipes…looks and sounds easy enough to do. Would you mind if I add this recipe to my blog?

  15. Jane says

    Thank you for a recipe guaranteed for beginners…I might just be allowed to cook in the kitchen without adult supervision now! My usual supervisor (mom ;>) and I were wondering how this dish would turn out if we made the lemon taste more of the star. Could we use something like Sprite or 7UP? And, what if…I’m so afraid to even write this…what if we left out the BBQ sauce to add stock or another kind of liquid? Have no doubt, we LOVE our BBQ and we ARE southern…we just wondered if we could make variations to get a 2-for-1 recipe…? Thanks so much!

    • says

      Absolutely, Jane! The crock pot is a great place to experiment! Keep in mind with the lemon that you put it in with the peel on so you’re getting a lot more POW from your lemon than you would if you just used juice. Any type of carbonated beverage would be great. What you generally want to do in crock pot cooking is add a thicker as well, such as gravy or bbq sauce.
      However, I can pretty much guarantee that all experiments will be successful, just steer clear of water. Anytime you want to use water, I’d definitely opt for chicken broth instead. Cream soups are also amazing in the crock pot also.

      If it were me, I’d try it out with lemon, seven up, and bbq sauce. BUT if you want to leave out the bbq sauce, I bet it will still be awfully good.

      Wow, i’m long winded tonight, aren’t I?
      Hope I made sense!
      Christy 🙂
      P.S. Do you have my free ebook of reader’s favorite slow cooker recipes yet? If you subscribe by email (see button at top) it is automatically emailed to you!

  16. Robin says

    Made this tonight and my husband ate almost the entire chicken! Even my picky 3 year old had a few pieces. Thanks for this super easy recipe. We’ll definitely be hving it again.


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