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  1. Southern Plate says

    Been a wonderfully busy weekend! I am going to sit down tonight and respond to comments and emails! thank you for your patience!!! Hope y’all are having a great weekend as well!

  2. BillGent says

    The Pie looks easy and delicious! I always need easy and quick things to make.

    Your story was touching. It gave me goosebumps mainly because my niece, who is more like my little sister, went through almost exactly the same thing this past February. I’ll send an email because it’s too long to display here.

    God Bless you Christy.. I’m glad mama is doing well. I’m gonna make this pie for my niece and tell her the story.

  3. Stephanie says

    What an amazing story! I’m glad I knew before the story even started that your mom ended up being okay – since she’s the one doing the tutorial!

    That pie looks wonderful. I’ll have to make some baking mix so I can try the pie. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi, this is your Aunt Kathy. I love your blog. It makes me hungry to read it! Also, I love the stories you tell about the recipes. You’re very talented! Keep up the good work.
    P.S. Your cookbook is GREAT, so those of you who haven’t gotten one yet, get with it!

  5. David says

    A story behind any recipe makes it better and it had to be angels watching over your mama and that is also why she must just make that pie for you. For any other day she would have made another kind of pie but would not have had the blessing that she carried extra with her that day. And I have my own story about Huntsville Hospital and waiting from midnight until almost 6 am waiting in the outer waiting room after an ambulance took me in to find out I had broken my left arm in 2 places. But because of the timing and other scheduling, I too was assigned to Dr. Mark Leberte and he is the best of the best and unbelievable bedside manners. I have heard from others around that I got the best ortho doctor in Huntsville so God does work in mysterious ways, we all just have to have the faith in our dailey walk that he is in control of our lives. Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. Joan says

    Hi Christy, gosh, just another great post! Love that story and I know I will think of it and say a little thank you prayer for your mom everytime.
    I am having trouble with the crock-pot oatmeal. I love the idea of this being ready in the morning and I want it to turn out so bad but it just keeps overcooking. I found the Silver Palate oats but am wondering if maybe I got the wrong kind….? Any helpful hints?
    Thanks and keep writing girl, you have a great talent.

  7. April in CT says

    Christy, so glad that your momma, sister and nephew were all ok. It certainly takes your day to day life and puts it in a new perspective when something like this happens to your family.

    This pie looks so good! My mom is up from GA visiting and I’ve come to your site this morning to find a few things to make while she’s here!

  8. The Bayou Belles and Their Beau says

    This looks divine. Problem is I’m the only one in the house that absolutely loves coconut. Guess I’ll have myself a pie.

    BTW, I’m back. Email me and we can talk about the thing.

  9. Anonymous says

    My name is Heather and I love your blog. I read it daily. I loved your story on the pie I am so glad your family is o.k. I wanted to let you know that I have tryed many of your recipes and have had great responces from my kids and hubby, thank you for that.I am a pie lover and was wanting to know if you have a recipe for peanut butter pie and buttermilk pie and also pecan pie? I plan on making these pies for Thanksgiving .Thanks and congrats on your blog success….

  10. Donna in VA says

    Oh my goodness! What a weekend! I’m so sorry to hear about your mom! I think of her every time I wear my apron she made. Now I’ll keep her in my prayers for a successful recovery.

  11. Teeny says

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your site! I recently moved up to Washington DC after having lived in Florida my whole life and I miss my Mama’s cooking something fierce. I knew I would miss the tea, but I didn’t know I would miss things like knowing other people who had heard of a punch bowl cake! Reading your site gives me a little piece of home everyday and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

  12. Southern Plate says

    Christie Thank you for taking the time to ready! I appreciate all of your kindness, thank you.

    BillGent It really is quick and easy. Makes it’s own crust, what more could ya want?
    Thank you so much for sending me that story about your niece. You are right, the parallels are amazing. I’m glad we’re all okay and left with a new appreciation of moments in life that many people take for granted.
    Thank you, Bill. I’m honored to have folks like you in my little community.

    Stephanie LOL! I knew I couldn’t put that story at the front ! I felt bad even putting it at the ending but I honestly couldn’t see telling about this pie without telling why it meant so much to me.

    Carol Thank you so very much, and thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it.

    Treva I’m doing great. Had time to send you a quick email today and now I am officially caught up on emails on one of my addresses! I hope to be caught up on the other by bedtime. Thank you so much, Treva!

    Kathy Wow, great to hear from you! Hehe, I appreciate the cookbook endorsement, too! Hope you’ll be a regular reader from now on! If you subscribe by email you get printable versions of every recipe sent by lil ole me at the end of each week!
    Thank you so much for the compliments! Wooohoo!! I got more family on the site now!

    David You are exactly right about her making the pie that day. Mama has always “known” things from time to time and I know it wasn’t a coincidence that we had such a special morning together. I’m so sorry to hear about you and Huntsville Hospital, but I’m glad you got the best of the best as your doc in the end! It’s awful that HH has such a history to it. I sincerely hope you never have to go through something like that again. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I’m glad it had a happy ending and wish you many more.

    Joan Thank you so much, Joan.
    About the oatmeal, have you tried adding additional water to it? Do you cook it in a water bath or straight in the crock pot itself? One option is to place your oatmeal into an oven safe bowl (like a pyrex) and sit that in your crock pot, filling water up to the sides of it, then cooking. Email me and we’ll make sure you have perfect oatmeal next time, promise!

    April thank you so much, April. We really are fortunate and now we realize just how much. Everything is so fleeting.
    Oh do let me know how your Mama’s visit goes. I hope she enjoys the nice cool weather up there! Have you made hoe cake before, by any chance? That recipe just speaks to the southerner’s heart!
    Even if you’ve never had it before, it still somehow takes you home!

    Bayou Belle Hey! You know, I am the only one who really likes coconut in my house as well. I just stick this in the fridge and work on it for about a week all by myself! it’s a tough job…but I’m dedicated !

    Heather Hello! Thank you so much for reading and letting me know you like the recipes! I do have the recipes you need, if you’ll shoot me an email at, I’ll be happy to email them to you!

    Donna Hey! It happened four years ago, I’m sorry you thought it was this past weekend!! She is fine now, today is actually the four year anniversary of the accident.
    Thank you so much though. I hope you are enjoying the apron!! I’m so glad you’re here, Donna!!!

    Bill LOL, Bill it’s a wonder you don’t have them lined up at your door, already! I can only imagine you must live in a difficult to find area and that’s why!

    Teeny thank you so very much. I really appreciate you reading and this comment is just wonderful. Thank you so much for the huge grin you gave me! I do hope you continue to enjoy Southern Plate. Let me know if you have any questions or special requests! Its great to have you here!

    Tomato Lady Hey Gal! Hope you’re doing well! Pie is AWESOME!! I am about to go look in my pantry and see if I can’t throw one together for dinner tonight! I haven’t planned the main course yet, but no harm in working on the dessert first!!!

    I’m so grateful for every one of you.


  13. Mommy's Kitchen says

    Christy the bisquick coconut pie is actually one of my favorites. I love the taste and the simplicity of the whole pie. That is so neat that your mama makes that just for you. What a sad story but i am so glad it all turned out wonderfully. ((hugs))

  14. Cathy says

    Hi, I was just reading about the coconut pie recipe and that, too, was one of my mothers wonderful pies that she use to make. My Mother passed away on Sept. 1, 2008, I was with her for months. She had endocarditis and it took her in a matter of seconds. She was my best friend and I miss her so much. I wish she could make that pie one more time.
    Thanks for listening, Cathy from Charleston, Mississippi

  15. dreskir says

    Surprise company came for lunch yesterday. Threw it together in a pyrex dish as I do not own a pie plate. I got more helpings cutting them square. Went over so well, no extra left for a nighttime snack. Thank your mama for me. My Dad couldn’t get enough.

  16. Suzy Schettler says

    I just discovered your site and I’m so glad I did – it’s WONDERFUL!! I love cooking and trying new things and so many of your recipes look delish! This Easy Coconut Pie recipe is something I definitely am going to have to try. It looks so easy and I can’t wait to see how it tastes. Thanks so much for posting all these great recipes!!

  17. Southern Plate says

    Tina Our twin food history strikes again! LOL I’m glad I got someone to raid the fridge with in the middle of the night, now!!!!

    Darius Thank you so much!! You’re making me want to get to Chicago to taste their food now!!! So good to see you here, as always! Thrilled whenever you stop by!

    GASP NO PIONEER BAKING MIX????? I may have to send you some of that stuff, its awesome! I just love the canister….

    Anonymous Well welcome to my front porch!!! So good to have you here!!! I’m afraid I’ve slowed up some this week on but hope to pick back up next week! So funny about the plate because mama said to add in there “Tell ’em to use a Longaberger pie plate!”

    Cathy Oh Cathy, thank you so much for sharing this. This pie just became double special to me now. I am so sorry for your loss. They say no matter how old we are, when we lose our Mama, we’re orphans. I know you miss her terribly, but I also know she is still with you. Folks that love us that much tend to “hang around” us. If we ever meet, I’ll be sure to bring a pie on behalf of your wonderful mother.
    Thank you for taking the time to share such a touching story with me. I am honored. ~gives you a big hug~

    Candace Most people I know don’t like coconut either, for some reason. My husband does eat this pie though. ~smiles~

    Dreskir Wow, what a neat idea and don’t you just love throw together recipes? I’ll tell Mama you send your thanks and I’m so thrilled y’all loved it!

    Suzy Definitely easy and great! I wish I could give you a slice of it! It kills me sometimes that I can’t actually feed y’all!! Southern Instinct is to hand out food!!!

    Grateful to you all!

  18. Liz says

    I tried this recipe tonight and it made me think of how my husband (from California) always makes fun of me when I say “easy as pie” but this recipe really is! I just took everything out of the fridge and threw it in the blender and then poured it in the pie pan and sprinkled coconut over the top and into the oven it went. And boy does it taste GOOD! Thanks again Christy =)

  19. Lisa in Memphis says

    Oh my Christy! I’m just now getting to all of your previous posts since I’m a ‘newish’ member here and I was moved to tears reading about your mom’s accident and your experience at the hospital. I’m so thankful she made it okay. I’m an RN and, unfortunately, have seen my fair share of poor care in the hospital. My father fell off his roof straight on his head a few days before Christmas this past year and I remember the phone call, not knowing if he was going to make it, seeing all of his head and facial trauma……and miraculously, he’s doing just fine.

    I love your blog, I love your recipes, but most of all I love your stories!

    Lisa in Memphis 🙂

  20. Sonya in FL says

    I ate at Bonefish Grill last week. They had a special “coconut cream pie” with rum sauce for dessert that I couldn’t resist. I was expecting something really custardy like the coconut cream pies my mother baked when I was a kid. Those were my favorite! Instead it was more solid like this recipe. It was good, just not what I was expecting. I kept thinking, “Well, heck, I could have made a whole pie easy with Christy’s recipe!” I’ll have to do that one of these days!

    • Elaine says

      Your recipe did not mention melting the butter before adding to blender so I just chopped it up and threw it in. Crossing my fingers I made it correctly.
      We’ll find out in about 40 minutes 🙂

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