Quick And Easy Suppers – 10 Favorites

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ten quick and easy dinners

Today I thought I’d bring you my personal top ten favorite quick and easy suppers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you’ve tried any of these recipes before, please holler at us in the comments below! If you haven’t tried any of these recipes, we’d love it if you hollered at us anyway because we just like to hear from you and see your smiling face!  

steak sandwiches

Steak Sandwiches

With a husband who is a big fan of Philly steak sandwiches, these always get me rave reviews

(even though I could just about make them in my sleep, they’re just too quick and easy!)

taco soup

Taco Soup

Open the cans, dump it in. Supper, anyone?

Click below for eight more of my favorite quick and easy supper recipes!

hobo packet

Hobo Packets

Make everyone happy without making a mess!

pizza rolls

Pizza Rolls

Lifesavers if you know you have a busy week coming up!

taco pizza

Taco Pizza

This is absolutely delicious and much more filling than regular pizza. Very easy to customize, too!


spaghetti lovers soup

Spaghetti Lover’s Soup (Use up that leftover Spaghetti sauce!)

This is such a fun dish!

steak tips

Steak Tips Over Rice

Cook ’em in the slow cooker all day and make some quick rice. No one will know how cheap these “steak” tips were!

deep dish pizza casserole

Deep Dish Pizza

I’ll admit that I currently have a bit of an addiction to this dish. It’s just so good, hearty, and comforting.

Leftovers heat up like a dream in the microwave, too. Customize it to your family’s tastes!

sloppy joes

Not Your Average Joe Sloppy Joes

I love sloppy joes, this takes ’em up a notch. Everyone is a fan of this quick and easy supper! 

chili bake

Perfect Man Food: One Skillet Chili Bake

Loved by men the world over! Eat it with chips, no utensils needed! Love making this in a Lodge Skillet! 



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  1. I refer to these recipes so often it’s not even funny. Congrats on your cookbook and tour! I’ve awarded you a Blog with Substance award. Here’s the excerpt:

    “As a fellow Southerner, Christy talks like me and understands the importance of a stick of butter. She has just come out with a cookbook and is on tour. I’ve featured several of her recipes in our cookbook. Her specialties are easy and crowd-pleasing.”

    It’s posted here: http://www.hodgepodge.me/HodgePodge/Homeschool_Highlights/Entries/2010/7/13_A_Blog_With_Substance.html
    Thanks for all you do.

  2. I am totaly excited about your book — I went to Jennifer Davick blog and read what she said about you and your cooking and the COOK BOOK and left a comment too! Your left is changing and what a ride! God bless you..

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