15+ Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

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From moist chocolate cakes to rich chocolate pies and decadent chocolate fudge brownies, this is the ultimate list of easy homemade recipes for chocolate lovers.

Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

I have shared just a few chocolate dessert recipes on Southern Plate over the years. And when I say a few, I mean like 50! I’ve covered all the best chocolate dessert categories, from chocolate cookies to chocolate cake, chocolate cobbler, chocolate pie, chocolate fudge, and chocolate brownies. I’ve left no stone unturned, as they say!

I thought it was clearly time for me to do a round-up of my favorite recipes for chocolate lovers, so they’re all in one place. Take your pick of these easy chocolate desserts. Whichever you choose, I just know it will win over the chocolate lover in your life (even if that’s you). Happy baking!

Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

Slice of cappuccino cake.

Cappuccino Cake

Let’s start with a bang, shall we? I don’t know if y’all are ready for this decadent and flavorful cappuccino cake recipe. It features two layers of incredibly moist dark chocolate cake with whipped cappuccino buttercream frosting that’s served with chocolate ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

Now THAT’s what you call a recipe for chocolate lovers. Look at all the different chocolate ingredients!

German Chocolate Pie

German Chocolate Pie

Move aside German chocolate cake! This German chocolate pie is my dad’s favorite pie recipe. It’s incredibly decadent, thanks to the German chocolate. It also includes chopped pecans and sweetened coconut flakes, so it’s basically a pie version of German chocolate cake. We regularly make it over the holidays. 

triple chocolate brownie pie

Triple Chocolate Brownie Pie

If you’re like me and have never met a brownie you didn’t like, you’re gonna love this triple chocolate brownie pie recipe. It includes a chocolate brownie mix dotted with chocolate chips in a flaky pie crust. But then we serve it with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream, because why not?

chocolate fried pies with powdered sugar

Chocolate Fried Pies

Old-fashioned chocolate fried pies are unmatched in my opinion. This is one of my favorite homemade recipes for chocolate lovers. I mean, flaky pie crust filled with homemade chocolate filling? Yum!


S’mores Brownies

These only take about five minutes to put together! This is one of my favorite easy chocolate desserts for the kids because s’mores! We’re using a brownie mix with chocolate chips and adding a graham cracker base and marshmallow cream on top. 

taking a bite with chocolate gravy

Chocolate Gravy

 This is an old Southern standard when it comes to chocolate recipes. When poured over biscuits, it turns them into tiny little chocolate-soaked cakes! It also tastes amazing when drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

Bowl of chocolate cobbler with ice cream.

Chocolate Cobbler

Whenever my daughter has company, she asks me to make my chocolate cobbler recipe for them. For her last birthday party, I had homemade cupcakes for the kids and chocolate cobbler for the adults… I ended up having to make three chocolate cobblers because that is what all of the kids wanted, too! 

But it is a deliciously decadent chocolate dessert, featuring a moist chocolate cake with a hot chocolate fudge sauce layer. It’s like a chocolate lava cake, only easier to make (music to my ears). Don’t forget the ice cream!

Slice of Chocolate Pound Cake with Fudge Glaze.

Chocolate Pound Cake

This is the one cake that I am asked to make most often. It’s just a good old-fashioned chocolate pound cake that is sublime on its own, but when you add my Grandmother’s fudge glaze, it becomes a favorite to all.

chocoholic cake

Chocoholic Cake

This triple chocolate cake recipe takes chocolate to whole new levels! The cake is made with a chocolate cake mix, chocolate instant pudding mix, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Then we add a rich chocolate ganache on top. It’s one of my most popular recipes for chocolate lovers… for obvious reasons!

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

Who needs chocolate cupcakes when you can have double chocolate chip muffins? (Although here’s my Rolo cupcake recipe if you’re looking for one). Start your day out with a little chocolate with this recipe for double chocolate chip muffins (I won’t tell anyone).


Chocolate Velvet Cake

This chocolate cake recipe screams chocolate decadence. Deep, dark chocolate cake is made from doctoring up a mix, then topped with homemade cream cheese icing that simply melts in your mouth.

Plate of my chocolate fudge recipe (recipes for chocolate lovers).

Easy Chocolate Fudge

When I say this is an easy chocolate fudge recipe, I mean it. All you need is 6 ingredients to make old-fashioned chocolate fudge. It’s rich, creamy, and so so delicious. 

Chocolate Sundae Cake (recipes for chocolate lovers).

Chocolate Sundae Cake

Okay, this is another amazing recipe for chocolate lovers as it’s basically a delectable fudge sundae in cake form. My chocolate sundae cake recipe includes a dark chocolate fudge cake, chocolate syrup, whipped cream topping, and a cherry on top (literally).

Place of three triple chocolate brownies.

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Make a chocolate lover’s dream come true with these three-layer triple chocolate brownies. Made with chocolate cake mix, chocolate chips, and chocolate pudding mix, they’re ultra-rich and deliciously fudgy.

Pieces of chocolate snack cake.

Chocolate Snack Cake

This old-fashioned chocolate snack cake recipe is from my Grandmama. It’s a quick and easy homemade chocolate cake recipe that’s full of chocolate flavor. Best served with a glass of milk.

If you want to make it extra decadent, add my homemade creamy chocolate frosting on top. Another chocolate recipe to add to this list!

Chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipe (recipes for chocolate lovers).

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

You didn’t think I was going to skip over a chocolate chip cookie recipe, did you? My chocolate chocolate chip cookies are like chocolate chip cookies, only better!

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.”

~Thomas Carlyle

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  1. Hi Christy, happy birthday had one myself on Jan 26.Its nice to know we are born under the same sign. I will be making one of these recipes I for my husband. waiting for book number three I have the others.Thanks for sending us all of these goodies.YOU AND YOURS HAVE A HAPPY V DAY GOD BLESS Liz

  2. Hi Christy, February 5th was my birthday so tomorrow I will bake the delicious pound cake just fore me.
    Happy valentines Day. Good nite from Texas.

  3. I think I’ll be making the chocolate cobbler again. I have all the ingredients and its yummy. The other recipes look amazing too as always. lol. I used to have a t-shirt years ago that said, “chocolate: its not just for breakfast anymore.” Love chocolate.

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