A Week of Crock Pot Recipes – Plus Claim Your FREE Online Recipe Box!

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Hey friends! This is a busier than usual week for me, which means I’ll be relying heavily on my slow cooker. There is nothing like having supper waiting on me at the end of the day and all I have to do is pass out plates! Today I thought I’d share with you a week (7 whole days) of supper ideas in your slow cooker!

A Week of Crock Pot Recipes

The links to all of these recipes may be found below. Head on over and print off each of these recipes to add to your files – or better yet, claim your Southern Plate Recipe Box (it’s free!) and save each of them there. This recipe box is a brand new feature on SouthernPlate and I know you are going to love it!

A Week of Crock Pot Recipes - Plus Get Your FREE Online Recipe Box!

Signing up is easy, simply click on the little recipe box at the top left corner of your screen and sign in to create your box. After that, just click the little blue heart that will appear beneath the recipe box button on any post.

Once you’re done, here are the week’s worth of Crock Pot recipes I promised!

Clockwise according to photo

I hope you enjoy this new feature on SouthernPlate. Thank you for the honor of letting me be a small part of your wonderful family. Enjoy adding all of your favorite recipes to the box!



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  1. I can’t even find the recipe box!! All my recipes I have printed were burned in the “Camp Fire” which was a wild fire in California. So this will be so helpful if I can figure it out.

    1. Hey Carole! Are you not seeing the blue heart or the blue “save recipe” button on this post? The heart is at the top right. If you’re on a phone, it may be helpful to get on a desktop or laptop the first time.

  2. This is what I get when I try to send your recipes to the recipe box. No Recipes found in your southernplate.com folder Please help me. This is a wonderful way for me to keep track of your recipes.

  3. thank you for the recipe box and i have made several of your recipes and my family and i have loved them. Great ideal on the recipe box!!!!

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