Great Recipes For Football Season

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I asked if there were any events coming up in the Football Realm on the Southern Plate Facebook Page this morning an got all kinds of comments about Gators, Bulldogs, Tigers, Eagles, Dawgs, Knights, Elephants, Colts, Rebels, Ducks, Vols, Falcons, and even Huskers (wait a minute, do they shuck corn for ya? Oh I’m all over that!). Suffice it to say, I am now aware football season has begun! ~grins~ I later asked a follow up question and found out that Yes, there is at least one football team with a bunny mascot!

Well folks, when it comes to football I’m on the side of any team whose fans like to serve food – so with that in mind, here are some recipes that might come in handy!

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork BBQ

Pulled pork barbecue is pretty much heaven on a bun as far as I’m concerned and it seems every region has their own way of doing it. Where I am from, the barbecue is smoked and juicy, served as pictured here or with a little bit of clear mild vinegar sauce poured over it. Here is how to

Tender Babyback Ribs – in the oven!

 Love me some Babyback ribs – especially when they’re this easy!


Little Pigs in A Blanket

My daughter’s favorite, these are always a hit with the kids!

Stuffed Pizza Sticks

My dad read this post on Southern Plate and immediately printed it off for my Mama to make for him. Since then he’s asked for it on a regular basis.

Mama, you better go get more pizza sauce!

Click here to browse through SIDE DISH RECIPES on Southern Plate.


For Quick and Easy desserts, why not try a cake that you can make ahead of time?

If you’re traveling, just pop it in the cooler and off ya go!

Miss Mary Anne’s Twinkie Cake

Chocolate Sundae Cake

For more of my favorite Refrigerator Cakes, be sure and check out:

Elvis Presley Cake

Butterfinger Cake

Daddy’s Coconut Cake

Mandarin Orange Cake

Don’t forget the Sweet Tea!

No matter the season, Sweet tea is always the beverage of choice at our house.

To get my recipe for perfect sweet tea every time and watch a video of how to make it , click here.

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.

~Robert Schuller

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  1. Great recipes, but I miss the old days of a new, unique post every so many days. Now it just seems like a compilation of past recipes. :o( I know you’re busy and am happy for your success, so I understand! Just miss the good ol’ days lol.

    1. I do too. A great deal of it is mama duties but even more is outside work to be able to pay the website costs.

      As I’m trying to write a book, manage my fb page, answer comments and emails, raise my family, do housework, be actively involved in my kid’s school, help in the community where I can, be involved in my church, and also work for Southern Living, You can expect a new post once a week, as I’ve been doing for a while now, and my new book as soon as I finish writing it. I sure do hope you’ll support it.

      Sometimes, I just step back for a few days to recenter myself and remember what it’s all about- living gratefully! I don’t have a staff so this is still a one woman show and this woman may be busy but I’m so very grateful for everything- including your kindness and understanding.
      Thanks so much!

  2. My favorite football team mascot is the New Braunsfels (TX) Unicorns! Cracks me up every time I think of the ‘fightin Unicorns!’ And I love me some tailgat recipes for the season-thanks!

  3. Ipara- have added him to my prayer list

    Christy- we aren’t sports fans
    At all but I can definitely pretend to be while I eat these
    Yummy recipes!! 😉

      1. Yeah, sitting around the kitchen table with a cup
        Of coffee talking with my friends is one of my
        Favorite things 🙂

        Of course the hubby always manages to migrate
        In there too, he’s such a girl lol love that man 🙂

  4. PS, please see my timeline on twitter for an urgent prayer request, my heart is aching today for a little four year old boy who is the nephew of a friend of my brothers. I know your blessed family at Southern Plate will pray too. @LPARA

  5. Thanks for making me hungry 😀 I like when there are a bunch of really great recipes on one page. As soon as I lose ALL the weight I want to, I will see what it takes (walk) to be able to make these scrumptious things and keep it off –>OR —–> I might just see what it takes (20 miles a day) to still lose and make these things EVERY day. LOL

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