What you’re cooking this 4th of July

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A lot of us have big cooking plans over this wonderful holiday weekend so I asked on Facebook the other day what Southern Plate recipes folks were planning on making. Below you’ll find their answers along with a few pictures (just to liven things up a bit) to help inspire your menu, should you need just a little inspiration. ~grins~

Just click on the recipe name to go to the tutorial for that recipe and even print it off if you like! Recipe names in red are exclusive to the cookbook. For more great ideas, check out the index of SouthernPlate.com. So far I’ve got over 400 family recipes here with full photographic tutorials of each one.

Have a wonderful 4th of July and don’t forget to show your appreciation for our wonderful armed forces, past and present, who have given so much to ensure we can live in freedom.



Alabama White BBQ Sauce

Cathie – Crockpot pork, Alabama White BBQ sauce, Coleslaw, Elvis Pressley cake!

Amanda – Lemon Meringue Pie.

Catherine – I’m making Beefed up Baked Beans and peanut butter cake.

Fresh Strawberryade

Monica – Strawberryade is a must!

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Jill – I’m seriously considering that Fresh Strawberry Pie!

Mandy – That strawberry pie you posted!

Lisa – I made the new baked bean recipe last night, mm mm, yummy! We will have mandarin orange cake, fire and ice salad, more baked beans and the best grilled steak.

Alana – Trying the Elvis Presley cake for the first time!

Becky – Beefed up baked beans!

Easy and Eggless Peach Ice Cream

Lauren – Homemade Peach Ice Cream, Fire & Ice Salad, Strawberry Pretzel Salad 🙂

Angie – the easy peach ice cream for one… =)

Debra- funny you should ask, I was thinking about the no egg peach ice cream.

Beth –Lemon Chess Pie….yum

Sweet and Sour Green Beans

Heather – Sweet and Sour Green beans! Made them last night – put them in a zip lock for traveling 😉

ChristiCobbler with strawberries and I’ve never made one w/ strawberries before, so this could be interesting!! 🙂

Southern Style Pulled Pork BBQ in the Slow Cooker

Ginger – Beefed up baked beans and the slow cooker Southern pulled pork for sandwiches!

Becki – Baked beans for sure, and sweet tea of course!

Vikki – Decisions . . . decisions!!

Miss Mary Anne’s Twinkie Cake

Mary Anne – That delicious baked ham from your recipe book. And my Twinkie Cake.

Denise – Crock pot pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, Mandarin Orange cake, beefed up baked beans & relish tray!!

Dalene – Mandarin orange cake!

Sandi – We are going camping, so river food will be on the menu!

Christa – Diet Dr Pepper congealed salad...yum. Can’t wait!

Ronda – Butterfinger cake!

Sharon – Sweet and sour green beans

Jody – Been looking at the baked beans recipe think i will make those

Christy – Mandarin Orange Cake…yum,yum!

Sharon -um, oh? You mean I have to cook/make something?????? Um…..welllllll, lets see here………will have to think on that one! LOL

Carrie – Mandarin orange pie! And sweet and sour green beans.

Grandmama’s Orange Supreme Cake

Ana – I am going to make Grandmama’s Orange Supreme Cake for the first time! I have all the ingredients…now just need a bundt pan 😉

Sandra- Strawberry Cake!!!!!!

Danielle – Banana Puddin‘!

Sharon – Corn Bread !!

Demetra – Butterfinger cake

Judith – Another batch of Jordan Rolls and Daddy’s Coconut Cake.

Terri – Mandarin Orange pie and the Hash Brown casserole

Amanda – Im not doing anything i have to go the next day to have a baby im just going to relax (Christy – Congratulations! We’d love to see photos on the Facebook page!)

Debbie – Kind of off topic, but not really, because I MIGHT make it if I could….but do you have a recipe for dirty rice?? Since moving back to Upstate NY from Virginia a few years ago, I’ve tried to recreate it, and just can’t get it right. I miss Southern food more than anything…except my son….who was smart enough to stay put when Mamma move back north! Christy – Debbie, here is the link to my Dirty Rice recipe. Hope you enjoy it! Anytime you are looking for something you can either browse the SouthernPlate.com index or use the search box in the top right corner. I’ve got over 400 of my family recipes up here so far and still growing! 🙂

Kay – Going to a barbecue, asked to bring side dishes,taking Ms.Millies best coleslaw, Aunt Looneys Macaroni Salad and deviled eggs. Have a Happy ,Safe 4th !!!! We are celebrating our 51 st wedding anniversary on July 2nd.

Mary – Hodge Making the Chocolate Sundae Cake for a cookout tomorrow night, and the Fresh Strawberry Pie and the “Grilled” Chicken Tenderloins for a get-together on Saturday night.

Marsha -making your Daddy’s Coconut Cake tomorrow, so its ready Monday…oops, I mean Saturday, teehee:o)

Debbie – What is fire and ice salad? i would love to make this for the 4th thanks

Christy – Here ya go Debbie! It is one of my favorites 🙂 Fire and Ice Salad


  1. Fire and Ice Salad in the fridge right now, we are going to a potluck at 5:30 so I thought that was perfect for such a hot and humid South Texas day. I used fresh tomatoes from my garden too.

  2. Fire and Ice Salad, Roasted Corn, Burgers, Oven ribs with Sauce #5. Going to make comeback sauce to top the burgers. Our sweet treat is espresso cream filled cupcakes (Betty Crocker) and your “coffee concentrate”. Thanks for bringing table talk back to our table. It is amazing how much my 20 something boys enjoy both my stories and me theirs. Nice to know they have their own stories to add to mine. Thanks Chrisy!!!

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