How To Tell If An Egg Is Still Good To Use

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Never throw out perfectly good eggs again, and never have to wonder if they’re safe to use past their expiration day! This is a simple and sure fire way to know if that egg is still safe to use.

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How to tell if an egg is still safe to use

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  1. I do wish people would stop peddling misinformation! Floating eggs does not mean they are bad! They are simply older and have a bigger air pocket in them! As they age, the moisture can evaporate through the porous shell, and air can seep in, which causes floating.

    You waste an awful lot of eggs if you throw them just because they float! I’ve done this numerous times. I’ve had rotten eggs that did not float and fresh bought eggs that did!

    That’s why you should always break eggs one at a time into a separate container before adding to your other ingredients.

  2. i accidentally left out eggs that had been refrigerated for approximately 12 hours can i still use them for frying or boiling thanks for your help

    1. oh absolutely. They don’t even refrigerate eggs in most countries. Now keep in mind that our commercial eggs are much older than the fresh ones and they don’t have the protective bloom on them, but they should be perfectly fine. For peace of mind, if you need it, you can always do this water glass test. 🙂

  3. If it floats throw it out! When we lost power during the April 2011 tornado had eggs in the refrigerator and none spoiled but we tested this way before using.

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