Memorial Day Recipes

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Memorial Day is right around the corner Y’all so I thought I would put together these tasty recipes for you to make at your get together.

memorial day recipes

What Does Memorial Day Celebrate?

But also and more important than wanting to fire up the grill is to take time to stop and think about those that have lost their lives protecting this country.  Memorial Day is the day we honor the brave men and women who have lost their lives servicing this country.

Where did Memorial Day Start?

Memorial Day started all the way back in 1864 in the State of Pennsylvania but that doesn’t stop Southerners from celebrating in a big way.  Any excuse to use that grill and barbecue some amazing dishes is good enough for Southerners. For more information on Memorial Day please check out

What Are Some Good Recipes for Memorial Day Parties?

Well it is moving into summer and we did mention grilling so we all know what goes well with that right?  Burgers!

meatloaf burger

Meatloaf Burgers: Mouthwatering and Moist

But not just any Burger like our Smoked Burger here, I am talking about our mouthwaterin’ Meatloaf Burger like the one you see in the image above.

chicken tenderloins

You can also throw these Grilled Chicken Tenderloins on the grill after you marinated them.  These make for an amazing dish everyone will love.

pulled pork sandwich

How about some Pulled Pork?  We have that too.  Make this in the slow cooker and the flavors in this here recipe are life changin’  

Our favorite sides to serve are…

german potato salad

The BEST German Potato Salad Recipe

creamy cucumber salad

Cucumber Salad Creamy and Delicious

fried okra in a bowl

Recipe for Fried Okra

and now for some desserts…

patriotic cake truffles

Since we are celebrating America’s fallen soldiers I want to give them a full salute with the red white and blue plus thesePatriotic Cake Truffles

Simple cake

Here is one of our most delicious but most simple cake you will ever make.  Find this simple cake recipe here.

strawberry punch bowl cake

And everyone’s favorite… our Strawberry Punch bowl Cake is another dessert recipe that your family and friends will look for it every year.

I hope all of these get your taste bud a tinglin’ and helps you and your family and friends have a safe and Meaninful Memorial Day Weekend.

Make sure you search for your favorite dish to make by using the search box to the right of the page and let me know in the comments what other dishes y’all are making this Memorial Day.

Here are some more recipes for Memorial Day that you might be interested in…

Recipe For Cream Cheese Mints

Cheesecake Fluff Recipe

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

Baked Vidalia Onion Dip So Cheesy

Oven Baked Mac and Cheese Southern Plate Favorite

Meaningful Memorial Day

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  1. Please remember that Memorial Day is the day we honor our service men and women that have Died for our country. Veterans Day is for those living.

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for your post. Yes that is why several times in my post I have referenced our fallen soldiers. But I also believe that any public holiday that helps us remember our military is an opportunity to thank them whether they are living or thank the families of those who have passed. And of course keep those that have passed in our prayers. I also believe that this shouldn’t be limited to the holidays but anytime we see a soldier or see the family of a soldier a thank you is more than warranted for their sacrifices.

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