Southern Plate Favorite Recipes to Use Up Leftover Ham

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Is your fridge overflowing with leftover ham following Easter dinner or a holiday feast? Well, from sensational salads to comforting bowls of soup and appetizing lunch ideas, here are some great recipes with ham leftovers as the main ingredient.

Fork picking up piece of baked ham (hero image for recipes with ham leftovers).

I’d love to hear what you had for Easter dinner in the comments section below!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday. We had a great day spent together as a family complete with decorating Easter Eggs, a lovely walk in nature, and a beautiful church service. Oh and of course we finished it off with  a wonderful Easter meal (starring ham, of course!). 

So here it is Monday and I have a half of a big ‘ol ham left in my fridge. What to do? In case you have the same bounty, here is my list of favorite recipes with ham leftovers. Just click on the link to be taken to the corresponding blog post. Have a WONDERFUL Monday!

P.S. If you’re in need of a ham recipe, check out my baked ham with glaze. The glaze is so easy to make and scrumptious if I do say so myself! Here are also 23 recipes for Easter if you’re in need of some inspiration. Okay, let’s get cooking with those ham leftovers!

Recipes with Ham Leftovers

Old-fashioned ham salad sandwich.

Ham Salad

I love ham salad and this is my absolute favorite recipe for it! It’s so easy to make and is the perfect way to use leftover ham. What else do you need to make the perfect ham salad sandwich? Spicy brown mustard, sweet pickle relish, mayonnaise, boiled eggs, and some freshly cracked black pepper. 

Bite taken out of ham and swiss slider.

Ham and Cheese Sliders

Use leftover ham slices in this ham and swiss sliders recipe for lunch the next day. They’re covered in the most delicious and flavorful buttery mustard sauce.

Mashed potatoes on plate with green beans and turkey in background.

Cheesy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

This cheesy garlic mashed potato recipe uses bacon, which you can easily swap with cubed ham leftovers for a delicious side dish.

Plate of ham pasta salad.

Smoked Ham and Veggie Pasta Salad

I pretty much made a whole vat of this today! With pasta, shredded cheddar cheese, fresh and frozen vegetables, ranch dressing, and smoked ham leftovers, this salad is the perfect way to increase your veggie intake after one too many Easter chocolates!


Spoonful of loaded potato soup.

Loaded Potato Soup

This loaded potato soup is so creamy, rich, and flavorful. What’s it loaded with? Well, besides lots of smoked meat and potatoes, you’ve got gooey cheese and cream.

Chicken fried brown rice


Southern-Style Butter Beans

Leave some meat on your ham bone and make my Southern-style butter beans recipe. The combination of tender and creamy beans with smoked ham makes the most flavorful comfort meal.

chicken fried cauliflower rice southern plate

Fried Brown Rice

Substitute the chicken in this fried rice recipe with ham and you have yourself a quick and easy ham fried rice dinner. 

A spoonful of Vegetarian Hoppin John.

Hoppin’ John

This may be a vegetarian version of Hoppin’ John, another Southern classic. But I’ve included notes where you can add either the ham bone, country ham, or pieces of ham to the black eyed peas.

Easy Omelet Baked in the Oven

Use the baked ham leftovers instead of the turkey sausage to make this easy baked omelet. Because breakfast for dinner is always a good idea, as is a leftover ham casserole.

Senate Bean Soup

Shortcut Senate Bean Soup

Love this stuff and my bean and creamy ham soup recipe makes it super easy. It calls for a smoked turkey leg, but substitute that for the ham bone and you’re good to go.

Loaded Baked Potatoes

Loaded Twice-Baked Potatoes

These loaded potatoes are great to keep in the freezer as a last-minute heat-and-eat side or a quick lunch! Substitute the turkey bacon for leftover ham and load your potatoes with green onion and cheddar cheese for an unbeatable lunch. 

Bowl of pinto beans and ham.

Pintos and Ham

A Southern classic :). This recipe features a step-by-step guide to how to make dried beans too.

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  1. For Easter Dinner, I made:
    Coca-Cola Dijon Mustard Ham in my crockpot,
    Dilly Green Beans,
    Honey Carrots, in my mini crockpot,
    Potato Salad,
    Chinese Noodle Cabbage Salad,
    My best homemade rolls,
    And from scratch White Cake, with homemade Meyer Lemon Curd, and White Mountain cooked frosting, with green coconut and jelly bean “eggs”.
    I cooked and prepped almost everything the night before, so we just had to bake the refrigerator rolls after church. My Daddy and sister had driven over 600 miles to spend the weekend with my little family, and our pastor and his wife joined us for Easter lunch. It was such a nice day, and I love making others happy by cooking. It was our first Easter since we lost my Mama, but she always made a cake with green coconut grass for Easter, so I made it this year. I also used her delicious potato salad recipe. A sad and happy day…

  2. We had ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese (kids’ request) and rolls with Chocolate Cake for dessert. Yummy!! Thanks for the ham salad recipe! I already diced my ham yesterday in hopes of finding a yummy ham salad recipe, and this is perfect! Going to make it right now!! 🙂

  3. So glad to hear that you are all safe. I have friends in Georgia and Alabama who made it thru the storms, but their close neighbors lost almost everything. Lots of prayers still going up.
    As for an Easter menu, we had: Turkey, Ham, Dressing, Gravy, Rolls, Hash Brown Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Corn Salad, Roasted Squash&Zucchini, Devilled Eggs, Chocolate Cake w/ homemade chocolate icing, Mandarin Orange Cake, Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball, Chocolate pie, and fruit salad. We are fortunate to have a decently large family who all like to cook!!

  4. I so wish I could make all of the same comments about our wonderful Easter dinner spent with family. This was our first Easter without Mom-we went to a “fancy” restuarant for Easter brunch, but I would have traded all of it for one second at my Mama’s table with her saying Grace over our lovely traditional Easter lunch. If you are fortunate enough to still have Mom, enjoy every second of every minute at all of your traditional holiday festivities, because it is not the same when she is gone, as well as oh, so difficult….

  5. We had a Southern Plate Easter, too! I used the menu you posted exactly except we had Mandarin Orange cake in place of the Coconut cake. It was oh so yummy and everything turned out so well! It’s a joke in my family that I can’t make anything that has yeast in it as every time I’ve ever tried, something has gone wrong. Well, I made the Jordan rolls and didn’t tell anyone they were homemade and everyone was asking me what kind I had bought, lol! They wouldn’t believe me until my hubby backed me up that I had made them from scratch!

  6. I just love Easter. Had a wonderful service at church…the choir and drama team put on a beautiful enactment of the crucifixion and resurrection. No small kids so we didn’t dye any eggs…I sort of miss that. Our menu star was Ham too (used your recipe with the brown sugar, mustard & coke glaze and added pineapple too). We also had potato salad, deviled eggs, fresh green beans, mac & cheese, yeast rolls (I cheat and use Sister Schubert), orange congealed salad and chocolate layer cake. I also made your school cafeteria peanut butter bars (like Reese’s and oh so good) and also some little white chocolate coconut nests with jelly bean eggs. It was a good day. We are eating on leftovers this week and it’s all still yummy!

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