Cheesy Bacon Pull Apart Chicken & And What Happened To Brady :)

Cheesy Bacon Pull Apart Chicken - This is my version of that amazing Cheesy Bacon Pull Apart Chicken they have at Domino's!

From time to time someone will feel put out by the stories and writing I share on my recipes. If you would rather have just the recipe, there is a super simple solution: Just scroll down to the bottom :).  We have these coupons that we bought as part of a fundraiser for something or another that my niece was involved in. Anyway, they are Domino's pizza coupons so while I am writing my book, ... Continue Reading

10 Great Casserole Recipes To Add To Your Collection!

10 Great Casserole Recipes To Add To Your Collection!

I've always loved a good casserole. There is something about a meal in one, often held together with a cheesy or savory sauce, that just warms you up and puts a smile on your face the moment you walk through the door and get hit by the aroma of bubbly goodness coming out of the oven. Today, in the midst of a persistent winter where I'm at, I'm sharing some home run casserole recipes from myself ... Continue Reading

Sock It To Me Cake – And How To Give Yourself A Snow Day

sock it to me cake

Today my Mama (Janice) shares a recipe for Sock It To Me Cake. Take it away, Mama! ~Christy  Today I am bringing you an old stand by, Sock It To Me Cake.  It makes a great cake to have with coffee but is an equally good dessert.  My grandkids all love it.  It is moist and easy to make since it starts with a cake mix.  But don't tell anyone, they would never guess.  First I would like to share ... Continue Reading

Creamy Cucumbers & Crazy Friends

creamy cucumbers light

You see that bowl of cucumbers up there? I ate every bit of that. Sure, not in one sitting. It took me a couple of tries but I'm no quitter and I stuck with it until the bowl was empty. And I'd do it again, too, given half the chance. Creamy Cucumbers are just that good! Every now and then we go to a German restaurant and they serve this dish with your entree as an appetizer. I eat mine and my ... Continue Reading

Answer Questions : What do you do to be frugal in the kitchen?

What do I do to be frugal in the kitchen?

More posts I've made related to this topic: How to afford groceries in times of rapid price increases How to make shelf stable ground beef Money Saving Tips : Go Bananas Money Saving Tips : Rethink Bulk Money Saving Tips : Rice, the ultimate meal extender Money Saving Tips : Sneaky way to save on milk More Questions Videos: Answering Your Questions Part 1 Answering Your ... Continue Reading

Crunchy Chicken – & My Year Of Books

crunchy chicken

For a deliciously flavorful and delightfully crunchy take on boneless skinless chicken breasts, check out this fun way to use boxed stuffing mix! I pulled this out of Grandmama's crate of recipes, which are currently residing at my house while I go through them and pull out recipes for my next book. My son is becoming a non enthusiastic meat eater as of late. He tends to gravitate more to ... Continue Reading

February Archives 2008-2015

archive featured family

Good Morning! Here is a list I pulled together of all of my posts from past Februarys on, in one convenient place for you should anyone want to catch up or see what they might have missed. I'm planning on doing this with each month as it arrives throughout the year so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe by email to avoid missing anything. Meanwhile, If you're hankering for ... Continue Reading

Cheese Lovers Chicken Pot Pie


Today Mama shares her Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie with us! What time is supper, Mama? ~Christy Today I decided to bring you a real comfort food dish with a twist.  You see Christy and I really don't like potpies.  I almost hate them.  But my hubby, Bill, thinks of them as one of his favorite dishes and Christy's husband feels the same way.  Bill likes potpies so much that he keeps the little frozen ... Continue Reading

Biscuit Class – Classic 3 Ingredient Biscuits

biscuit class photo1

Link to this recipe is below the video Good Morning! Last weekend I got together with a few of my friends who claimed they couldn't make good biscuits and taught them how to make three different kinds! Everyone's biscuits turned out beautifully and the great news is that my husband recorded the whole thing so I can bring my Biscuit Classes here to you, as well. This is the first time we've ... Continue Reading

Moon Pie Cake – and surprising Jeff Foxworthy

moon pie cake wm

So most of y'all probably know that I've done a good bit of tv since the start of SouthernPlate. There is a listing of networks and shows and things I've been on at the top of this page (little gray bar). Two years ago I went and spent some time in L.A. and filmed an entire season of a show called Beat The Chefs which aired on GSN just before The American Bible Challenge. I was one of two ... Continue Reading