DIY $20 Survival Food Bucket

DIY 20 Food Bucket

I've received many comments and emails since my Pracital Preparedness post from folks wanting to know where to start and how to build a deeper food storage from there. Food Buckets are an easy solution to this. They are buckets packed with food that has been prepared for long term storage (put in mylar, oxygen removed, etc) and feed a single person or a family for a definitive period of time. A ... Continue Reading

Southern Plate Radio – Is It Crazy To Be Prepared, or Crazy Not To Be?

Practical Preparedness- Simple steps you can take today to prepare your family for whatever may come

In this week's episode of the Southern Plate Radio Show, I follow up my Practical Preparedness post by answering questions and talking about "Is it crazy to be prepared, or crazy not to be?". To read the post I refer to in this episode, please click here.   Would you like to listen to more Southern Plate Radio? You can download podcasts by searching your podcast provider for the Survival Mom ... Continue Reading

Pizza Parlor Soup

Southern Plate Pizza Soup WM

You know how kids (and teens) think some of the things we do with our food are just outright bizarre? Well, this soup is how I finally managed to convince Brady of the virtues of a piece of floated toasted bread in a hearty soup, drowned in gooey cheese of course. This Pizza Parlor soup has a very full bodied flavor, as if you'd cooked it all day long, but with throw in the pot ease. I enjoy a ... Continue Reading

Flop Cookies – and the benefit of mistakes

Flop Cookies - and the benefit of mistakes

 We all make mistakes in life. Everyone. Those folks who seem cool as a cucumber, like they have it all together? Yup, them to. The difference in success and failure lies in how we treat our mistakes. Do we kick the dirt, plop down, and sag our shoulders in defeat or do we treat it as Thomas Edison did with his statement "I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that didn't work." It's ... Continue Reading

Practical Preparedness- Simple steps you can take today to prepare your family for whatever may come

Practical Preparedness- Simple steps you can take today to prepare your family for whatever may come

I wrote this post two years ago but hesitated to run it because I knew a lot of people would rather not think about things like this. However, with so many precarious situations in our world right now and this being National Preparedness Month, I've decided to take this opportunity to bring some thoughts and ideas to you in hopes that they may prove to be helpful to your family should the need ... Continue Reading

10 Books That Changed Me

10 great books that changed me

I usually keep it somewhat about food and life here but I've always looked at SouthernPlate as "What's on my plate?", which leaves the door wide open. I've also found that so many of us share the same interests in this world and I love getting to hear back and learn from you so today I'm sharing my answers to a really intriguing question I was asked in hopes of getting to hear your answers as ... Continue Reading

Southern Plate Radio – How to Fight Depression and WIN

christy jordan

This week Christy shares how she managed to find victory over years of depression and how you can, too! This week’s radio show is helpful for anyone who has suffered from depression or who has a loved one fighting the battle. There are so many wonderful radio shows on the Survival Mom Radio Network! You can subscribe to all of them (including mine) by subscribing to Survival Mom Radio on ... Continue Reading

Dr Pepper Meatballs – and Comfort from Isaiah

Dr Pepper Meatballs - Amazing!

Sweet and tangy with a smell that sets stomachs growling, these meatballs make a great game day treat served on their own or a filling supper when served over rice with your favorite sides. If ya wanna jump right into it and learn how to make Dr Pepper Meatballs, scroll down to the first picture. If you'd like to visit a bit first, stay with me as we venture into the next paragraph... A ... Continue Reading

Visit An Apple Orchard This Weekend!


Yesterday was our "Field Trip Friday" so we took a trip to a local apple orchard to partake of a variety of amazing apples, check out all of the end of summer garden produce, and enjoy Apple Cider Slushies! This is Isom's Orchard in Athens, Alabama. It is a family run orchard and they have amazing produce along with really good folks. :) But before we get into the apples just take a moment ... Continue Reading

Favorite Apple Recipes from Friends!

day 4

I still have lots of great Southern Plate Apple recipes to share with you but today I'm sharing some great recipes from a few of my friends! Brown Sugar Apple Blondies from SouthernBite Glazed Apple Bread  From Balancing Beauty and Bedlam  Soft and Chewy Apple Cider Caramels From Lark's Country Heart Apple Snack Cake with Browned Butter Icing From Our Best Bites Chocolate ... Continue Reading