Watch An American Homestead Right Here!


Okay, so those of y'all that have been with me a while know by now that I quit watching tv. This is due to a variety of reasons but the short answer is that the list of reasons why I shouldn't watch grew far longer than the microscopic list of reasons why I should. Instead, I read the news on the internet and follow a few folks who inspire me on youtube. That is where An American Homestead ... Continue Reading

Birthday Cake Cookies – and you might be living in Paradise (and not know it!)

Birthday Cake Cookies - LOVE the cake like flavors of these delicious blondes, topped with fluffy buttercream!

I'm good at a few things - housekeeping ain't one of them. ~Waits a moment for her family's amen choir to die down~. I believe we all have different God given talents and things He has equipped us to do. Combined with those are certain obstacles and challenges that we must overcome at the same time. Keeps life interesting. For me, that is housework. Sure, I'm busy. I use that as an excuse most ... Continue Reading

The Blessing Of Wrinkles

The Blessing of Wrinkles

Hopefully you've known a kind older person in your lifetime. One whose face is filled with wrinkles from a lifetime of smiles, whose cheeks have a rosy glow from making the effort to be cheerful, and whose eyes have a twinkle of wisdom and memories. The only thing capable of rivaling such beauty is a smile from a newborn babe.  Forget wanting to look like movie stars and "perfect" folks. I ... Continue Reading

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups – You’ll never buy them again!


  I happened upon this treat by accident, or desperation this summer when my son was going to a pool party and needed to bring a snack to share. My first thought was brownies, then cake, then cookies and I went on down the list until I came up with something that would be really good but not make a lot of mess in the kitchen. So I took a standard peanut butter bar recipe and flipped it into ... Continue Reading

Ma’s Chicken and Rice Bake ~Bags To Dishes~

Ma's Chicken and Rice Bakewm

The overwhelming response to my Bags To Dishes series continues, so I'm bringing you more recipes! These shelf stable recipes can ensure you never have to wonder what's for supper again - and will help prevent huge bills at fast food drive throughs, too! Today's meal has one of my family's favorite ingredients :Yellow Saffron Rice. My husband and kids just love this stuff. It must be a Jordan ... Continue Reading

Huntsville Restaurant Week Is In Full Swing!

hsv rest week

My wonderful hometown of Huntsville, Alabama is celebrating restaurant week THIS WEEK, August 15-24, and you won't want to miss it! I have had a whirlwind weekend taking part in the Huntsville Foodie Blogger tour of some of these restaurants with a group of amazing bloggers. We met up at a different restaurant each day for three days to sample the special Restaurant week specials and mercy, were ... Continue Reading

Taco Soup ~Bags To Dishes~

bags to dishes taco soup

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments on my Bags to Dishes series! Thanks to all of the wonderful feedback, I've decided to share a series of recipes with you so that you can eventually have all of the recipes I use in my bags to dishes meals. Be sure to read the original post to find out how you can convert your own meals into shelf stable ones in order to have your family's ... Continue Reading

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole ~Bags To Dishes~

bags to dishes chicken

Continuing on with Bags to Dishes meals today, I'm bringing you one that just barely feeds my family. Not because it doesn't make enough, but because we all like it so much that everyone wants seconds! In all seriousness, this casserole will feed about four people, but if you are cooking for fewer, leftovers reheat really well. For this Bags to Dishes meal, all ingredients are shelf stable ... Continue Reading

Chicken Enchilada Pie ~Bags To Dishes~

Chicken Enchilada Pie

With all of the great feedback on my Bags To Dishes post, I decided to share a series of recipes with you so that you can have all of the recipes I use in my bags to dishes meals. Be sure to read the original post to find out how you can convert your own meals into shelf stable ones in order to have your family's favorite recipes available with the grab of a bag. Today's recipe is made up of ... Continue Reading

Bags To Dishes – Never Wonder What’s For Supper Again!

bags to dishes

View all of the latest Bags to Dishes recipes by clicking here. More coming! Always have an answer when you ask yourself "Do I have anything I can cook for supper?" It happens to all of us. We find ourselves at the end of a harried day, picking up one kid from one side of town and driving to the other for kidlet #2...rushing through traffic on our way home as our minds spin "What can I fix for ... Continue Reading