Favorite Family Reunion Recipes

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Favorite Family Reunion Recipes

Yesterday on my Chocolate Sundae Cake post, I promised you a post with some of my favorite recipes for Family Reunions and today I’m delivering! Not only are these great for family reunions, they are also perfect for church potlucks, Sunday dinners, Picnics, and any other excuse you can come up with to prepare something yummy for people you love. I hope you find a few new favorites in this list!

I hope you find some new things to love in this collection of Favorite Family Reunion Recipes! Do y’all still have family reunions? If so, what is your favorite dish to eat there? If not, have you considered starting them up again? I’d love to hear your thoughts, memories, and ideas in the comments on this post!

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  1. I just found this wonderful site and today at our local thirft store I found your wonderful first cookbook. i am a ten generation Georgian and proud of it. Your recipes are like my very own and made me cry with sweet remembering. Thank you.

  2. Actually, we’re having my moms family reunion July 6th. We’ve never had her side of the family get together so it’ll be a lot of fun! You’re fresh strawberry pie looks so easy and yummy so maybe I’ll make and take one. Thanks!

  3. We never have family reunions. The older family members are still interested but the younger ones need to plan them and it never happens.

    1. I’m actually going to a family reunion this Saturday and came across this page. Trying to find a new recipe.
      I understand what you mean about the younger generation.

    2. I don’t think younger members cherish the family as much. I don’t think they have experienced as much loss of family members to know to cherish the time you have with them. Young people tend to think there is always tomorrow which older members know is not always true for everyone.

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