Most Loved Recipes From 2016

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Hey friends! Today I’m sharing the most popular SouthernPlate recipes from 2016. We had a wonderful year and I enjoyed getting to visit with you, reminisce about familiar recipes, and share some new ones as well. These are the top ten that kept you coming back again and again so make sure you check them out in case you missed a new favorite. (I was really surprised at #1!)

At the bottom of the post, I also share the top five more popular recipes on SouthernPlate of all time. These are the ones you keep coming back to time and again.

And now, the top 10 recipes on SouthernPlate that were published in 2016:

#10 Sam’s Club CopyCat Cake

I fell in love with the version of this cake that Sam’s Club carries and set out to develop my own recipe to be able to save money and have it more often. As usual, the homemade version knocked the store bought out of the water!  Click here for this recipe

#9 Famous Alabama Camp Stew A.K.A Brunswick Stew 

This is a classic where I’m from, although there are limitless variations. It begins with canned goods and ends with a mouthwatering flavorful stew. Click here to get this recipe.

#8 Velvet Pork Chops

Pan-seared pork chops with cream sauce.

These pan seared pork chops with velvety cream sauce are a little bit of Heaven on earth. Pan seared and then finished in a rich broth for the ultimate juiciness, before adding heavy cream to the pan drippings and making the rich velvet sauce to pour over them. Click here to get this recipe.

#7  Easy Baked Ziti

One of my kid’s favorites, this one brings all the little ones (and their parents!) alike to the table in a hurry. Bursting with flavor and sauce! Click here to get this recipe.

#6 Preston Rolls

These warm, pillow soft yeast rolls start with a dough that happily sits in your fridge until you need it. No fancy bread skills needed. Click here to get this recipe.

#5 Low Carb Recipe Collection

Plate of steak kabobs.

A lot of us dived into Low Carb eating this past year and my collection of Southern Low Carb recipes proved it! Note: Some recipes are Southern classics with instructions on how to make them low carb. Click here to see these recipes.

#4  One Pan Chicken & Veggies

Most Loved SouthernPlate Recipes From 2016

This is one of those meal in one suppers that you just toss together and bake. Perfect for those nights where you’re just too tired to cook. Click here to get this recipe.

#3  To Die For Low Carb Meatloaf

Most Loved SouthernPlate Recipes From 2016

This might just be the very best meatloaf you’ve ever tasted. Welp, I guess there’s only one way to find out! 

Click here to get this recipe.

#2  Beef and Broccoli

Most Loved SouthernPlate Recipes From 2016

I have a friend whose favorite dish is Beef and Broccoli and once he tried my recipe he was spoiled and only had homemade now. Apparently, many of y’all felt the same way! Click here to get this recipe.

#1 Super Food Salad

Super Food Salad

Although I dearly love this salad, finding out that it was my number 1 recipe among my 2016 recipes was a bit of a surprise. I reckon there are a lot of us out there won over my Chick Fil A’s version enough to want to be able to make it at home! Click here to get this recipe.

Now for the top 5 recipes of all time on

Cheesy Chicken and Rice

Click here to get my Cheesy Chicken and Rice recipe

Cheesy Chicken and Rice  has been the reigning recipe on SouthernPlate ever since I published it. It’s been popular enough that I created two different versions of it. You can either make the crockpot version of Cheesy Chicken and Rice or you can make the oven version of Cheesy Chicken and Rice. Even the pickiest of eaters love this one. This year, I added a recipe video to go along with it and so far that video has received over 15 million views and almost 200,000 shares. Speaking of which, I’d love you to join our Facebook community! . Just hit “like” and follow on Facebook!

Apple Dapple Cake

This is another classic but I added a recipe video for it as well. A flavorful apple cake is soaked with a brown sugar and butter sauce for a decadent old fashioned dessert. Click here to get the recipe.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Most Loved SouthernPlate Recipes From 2016

In my family of four, there are four different kinds of mac and cheese. THIS is my favorite! Click here to get this recipe.

Aunt Sue’s Famous Pound Cake

Slices of 7-Up pound cake.

There is a reason why this truly old fashioned pound cake is famous, year after year. Click here to get this recipe.

Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler

old fashioned peach cobbler

This is a simple recipe that is treasured in most families across the South – and it’s one of the best cobblers you’ll ever have! So simple that my daughter has been making it since she could climb up on a chair to reach the kitchen counter. Click here to get this recipe.

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  1. I have made so many of your recipes, but haven’t made any of the top 10! I will have to give them another look. ☺️ Just got your new cookbook , Sweetness, and love it!!! Thanks for being so real!

  2. Christy I love Aunt Sues pound cake…I have made it 2 times with cake flour and neither 1 was as nice as using regular flour. Both times they stuck even after pan being prepped, and look so ugly without the brown side and bottom. So it’s back to AP flour from now on. Have a Blessed Day!!

  3. I treated myself to a copy of your new book, “Sweetness” for my birthday. I got it in the mail yesterday, and I love it! I enjoy reading all the stories, and oh, the recipes! Thank you for writing such a winner!

  4. Stupid question but I have multiple packages of bone in pork chops can I substitute those in the velvet pork chop recipe?

  5. Christy, Aunt Sue’s Pound Cake is my all time favorite. Everyone loves it. And yes that Custard sauce is wonderful.

    Also love all the low carb recipes.

    God bless.

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