Recipes With Jiffy Cornbread

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From casseroles to scrumptious side dishes, here are the top Southern Plate recipes with Jiffy cornbread as the main ingredient. Don’t proceed on an empty stomach!

recipes with Jiffy cornbread

Almost every Southerner has their favorite cornbread recipe and everyone thinks their recipe is the best, of course! Well, today I’m here to share the top Southern Plate recipes with Jiffy cornbread.

I mentioned this in my Jiffy corn casserole recipe post, but the Jiffy corn muffin mix is a tried-and-true Southern staple in my neck of the woods. Jiffy mix added a lot to my childhood. They were (and are) incredibly cheap and only required one egg and 1/2 cup of water to make a single-layer cake.

But besides cake, you can make everything from cornbread to casseroles to cornbread dressing, another Southern favorite, with a good ol’ box of Jiffy corn muffin mix. You can also make meals from breakfast to dinner. We’ve covered all bases in this post. So without further ado, let’s dive into the best recipes with Jiffy cornbread. Happy baking!

Recipes With Jiffy Cornbread

Casserole Recipes With Cornbread

cornbread casserole jiffy

Jiffy Cornbread Casserole With Ham and Cheese

A spin on traditional cornbread, this simple savory Jiffy cornbread casserole recipe with ham and cheese is easy to make, packed with protein, and deliciously moist. All you need is ham, cheese, spicy mustard, onion, and a corn muffin mix.

Serve tamale pie with sour cream.

Tamale Pie Recipe

This scrumptious tamale pie recipe is baked in a casserole dish and makes a hearty and filling main meal with a Jiffy cornbread topping. It includes taco-spiced beef, fluffy cornbread, melted cheese, and fried onions on top. Trust me, it tastes as good as it sounds.

Spoonful of Jiffy corn casserole.

Jiffy Corn Casserole

This Jiffy corn casserole recipe might be the easiest casserole you’ll ever make. Moist and tender, it’s no wonder it’s one of my family’s favorite side dishes. It’s made with a Jiffy mix, creamed corn, canned whole corn kernels, butter, eggs, cheese, and sour cream. 

Cornbread chicken pot pie casserole and serving in a bowl.

Cornbread Chicken Pot Pie Made From Scratch

This from-scratch cornbread chicken pot pie recipe is unlike any other. With a homemade cream sauce and a generous topping of cornbread, it is a comforting meal-in-one that can win over folks who may not care for more traditional chicken pot pie recipes.

Recipes with Jiffy cornbread: Mexican cornbread casserole.

Mexican Cornbread Casserole

This Mexican cornbread casserole recipe takes a tasty taco-flavored ground beef casserole and adds a fluffy cornbread topping. Known around these parts as canyon casserole (and fairly similar to tamale pie), this is such an easy supper dish that the whole family is bound to love.

Cornbread Side Dishes

Stack of Jalapeño cornbread muffins (recipes with Jiffy cornbread).

Jalapeño Cornbread Muffin Recipe

This recipe with Jiffy corn muffin mix is tasty jalapeño cornbread muffins. They are so easy to make and deliciously moist, as they’re scrumptiously filled with cheddar cheese, bacon, and cream cheese. When slathered in butter, they’re great as a side dish, appetizer, or snack.

Stack of cornbread (recipes with Jiffy cornbread).

Homestyle Broccoli Cheese Cornbread

Take a normal Southern cornbread side dish up a notch with this homestyle broccoli cheese cornbread recipe. Fluffy yet moist and cheesy, it certainly packs a hearty homestyle flavor punch.

Cornbread Salad (recipes with Jiffy cornbread).

Cornbread Salad Recipe

What do you get when you combine garden-fresh veggies, crispy crumbled bacon, crumbled cornbread, and ranch dressing? This amazing crowd-pleasing Southern cornbread salad.

mexican cornbread (recipes with Jiffy cornbread).

Mexican Cornbread Recipe

If the above Mexican cornbread casserole doesn’t take your fancy, maybe this Mexican cornbread recipe will. Moist and decadent, the Jiffy cornbread is studded with sweet corn, cheese, and spicy bits of jalapeño peppers. It’s sure to be a favorite.

Southern cornbread dressing (recipes with Jiffy cornbread).

Southern Dressing With Cornbread

In my household, the holidays aren’t complete without southern cornbread dressing. Moist, flavorful, and filled with vegetables, this cornbread dressing is best served with turkey gravy.

Now, this isn’t the only cornbread dressing recipe on Southern Plate. Oh, no. I also have recipes for crockpot cornbread dressing and sausage cornbread stuffing. Both of these recipes suggest using homemade cornbread (perfect for when you have leftovers), but you can also make the cornbread using a Jiffy corn muffin mix.

Cornbread stuffed bell pepper

Cornbread Stuffed Bell Peppers

Cornbread-stuffed peppers are the perfect side dish or main meal. You combine Jiffy cornbread with a delicious combination of Italian sausage, onion, jalapenos, diced tomatoes, green chilies, and more than one variety of shredded cheese.

Red beans and cornbread (recipes with Jiffy cornbread).

Red Beans and Cornbread

It doesn’t really get more Southern than a red beans and cornbread recipe with Jiffy cornbread. This can easily be a main dish, it just didn’t really fit under the casserole heading!

Best Cornbread Recipes

Before we go, I just had to share my regular cornbread recipes as well.

Plate of dixie cornbread (Thanksgiving corn recipes).

Dixie Cornbread With Buttermilk

You may think this is a big call, but I’m here to tell you that this Dixie cornbread with buttermilk is the best cornbread recipe you’ll ever try. If you want the moistest classic Southern cornbread, you need this recipe.

hot water cornbread (thanksgiving corn recipes)

How To Make Hot Water Cornbread

This hot water cornbread recipe is as old as the Tennessee Hills. Using only two ingredients (cornmeal and water), this is the definition of a simple and delicious Southern side dish.

Keto cornbread

Keto Cornbread Recipe

I also highly recommend making keto cornbread dressing with this recipe 😉.

Recipe FAQs

What can I use Jiffy mix for?

As you can see above, the options for recipes with Jiffy cornbread mix are basically endless:

  • Cornbread
  • Corn muffins
  • Tamale pie
  • Cake!
  • Cornbread casserole
  • Cornbread dressing (a.k.a stuffing).

Is Jiffy mix just cornmeal?

Jiffy mix is a combination of flour, cornmeal, and sugar.

What can I do with leftover cornbread?

Southern cornbread dressing is the perfect dish to make with leftover cornbread.

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  1. I was raised on hot water cornbread which is my all time favorite. When hub and I got together in ’75, he had never heard of it but it didn’t take him long to want it all the time. Thanks for the recipe for the ones that don’t know how good and easy it is.

  2. I make two boxes of Jiffy, add a little cinnamon to taste bake it in the form of (2) Pound Cakes 8x4x2 pans divided equally (different) form of “Johnny Cake”. I freeze one and eat the other in slices w/ butter on top of the slice.

  3. The Keto cornbread is wonderful ! The texture is more like a spoon bread. Slathered butter over the cornbread and just loved the bread. Easy to make and reheats in microwave so nice. Thank you so much !!

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