Ham and Potato Casserole

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I call this ham and potato casserole recipe embarrassingly easy. Using just 4 ingredients, it’s the perfect cheesy, creamy, and hearty supper.

Ham and potato casserole.

Today, let’s make a dinner that will give you more time with your family at the dinner table and less in the kitchen. When I say this cheesy ham and potato casserole is embarrassingly easy, I mean it. All you need is two boxes of scalloped potatoes, some leftover ham, milk, and butter. Yep, that’s it! Mix the ingredients together and your casserole will be ready in just 20 minutes.

Now, my long-time readers know I have issues with instant potatoes. But just keep in mind that I am also a mother and have no issues with shortcuts that get us all sitting down to dinner! Bear with me, I promise this casserole recipe is delicious and you won’t even remember you’re eating instant potatoes. It’s thanks to that flavorful and creamy cheese sauce.

It makes a great breakfast or a post-holiday dinner. Make it after Christmas or Easter to use up any leftover ham. Alternatively, make a turkey and potato casserole recipe with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving dinner. No matter the combo, you and your family are sure to enjoy this scrumptious casserole with cheese sauce.

If you’re on the hunt for more recipes that use leftover ham, check out this post.

Labeled ingredients for ham and potato casserole.

Recipe Ingredients

  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Scalloped potatoes
  • Leftover ham

How to Make Ham and Potato Casserole

Place potatoes in casserole dish.

Pour sliced potatoes into a baking dish lightly greased with cooking spray

Add sauce powder to casserole dish.

Pour your sauce powder (included in the box) over the potatoes and add butter if your potatoes call for it. 

Add chopped ham to casserole dish.

Next, add the diced ham to the casserole dish.

Pour milk into casserole dish.

Pour in milk…

Add hot water to casserole dish.

And then the hot water.

Give ham and potato casserole a good stir.

Your ham and potato casserole will look a little something like this, so we want to give that a good stir.

Stirred casserole ready for the oven.


Now bake according to box directions. My box has me baking at 450 for 20 minutes.

Baked ham and potato casserole.

When you are done baking it, the sauce will still be a little thin but after it sits a few minutes it will get nice and thick and yummy!

A bowl of ham and potato casserole.



  • When stored in an airtight container, leftover ham casserole will last in the fridge for up to 4 days and in the freezer for up to 2 months. Reheat in the microwave or briefly in the oven.

Spoon dipping into ham and potato casserole.

Recipe Notes

  • If you don’t have leftover ham, just head to the deli and purchase a few slices of lunch meat ham and have them cut it thick, then make your own cubed ham. Any pre-cooked ham slices will do. I imagine this would be just as delicious with ground beef, cooked bacon, and chicken.
  • I am using two scalloped potato boxes because I am making a big 9×13-inch casserole. 1 box yields an 8×8 casserole, while 2 boxes yield a 9×13 casserole.
  • You can use any of these boxed-type potatoes. I use scalloped potatoes in a cheesy sauce but you can also use the au gratin or whatever type you like. Feel free to use the store brand as well! This is easy because all you are going to do is prepare them according to the directions on the box and then just toss your ham in.
  • You know you can even throw some green stuff in this if you’d like! I’ve done it with green beans, chopped bell pepper, and frozen peas before to make a complete meal and it was great.
  • For additional flavor, add 1 teaspoon of sweet paprika and sprinkle with finely chopped chives or fresh parsley, or even chopped green onion, before serving.
  • For an even creamier casserole, substitute the milk for heavy cream.

Recipe FAQs

What do you serve with ham and potato casserole?

Serve this cheesy ham casserole as either a hearty main dish or a side dish. As a main, serve it alongside a simple green salad or some roasted vegetables. On the other hand, pair it as a side with roast chicken, some scrumptious turkey breast, or pork chops.

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Bowl of ham and potato casserole.

Ham and Potato Casserole

With just 4 ingredients, this ham and potato casserole recipe is embarrassingly easy and the perfect cheesy, creamy, and hearty supper.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Course: Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: casserole, ham, potatoes
Servings: 4


  • 1-2 boxes scalloped or au gratin potatoes
  • leftover ham
  • box ingredients (usually milk, butter, and water)


  • Place potatoes in a casserole dish and then add the sauce packet and butter. Next, add the chopped ham, milk, and water. Give these ingredients a good stir.
    1-2 boxes scalloped or au gratin potatoes, leftover ham, box ingredients (usually milk, butter, and water)
  • Bake according to package directions.
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  1. I completely agree with you about not talking on the cell phone while checking out. I think it is so rude when people do that.

  2. My husband will not eat boxed potatoes, but I did use the same concept using the leftover ham when I made my own escalloped potatoes w/ham. I just spray a baking pan (not too deep, I like to use a lasagna pan) with nonstick spray, then layer raw sliced potatoes/onions/a couple tablespoons of flour/cubed ham or cheese/salt/pepper and butter, ending with the butter. Pour milk over it and bake slow (about 2 1/2 to 3 hours @ 325).

  3. Haha, I hear you on the cell phone debate! Funny thing, though – our house no longer has a land line, and hasn’t for about 2 years now. My husband and I each have a cell phone, and we have cable internet, so no need for a land line phone.

    However, our 10-year old does not have a cell phone, nor will he until he is old enough to pay for it himself each month. When he is at our house and needs to call his mother or someone, he uses one of our cell phones. He is never there without one of us, so there’s no issue there. Until the little one makes his debut in June of this year, our 10-year-old is our only, so there’s never a child at home alone who may need a land line in an emergency, such as a teenager left for a couple of hours after school or while grocery shopping, as I was when I was a teen. When our children are old enough to be home alone, we will more than likely have a land line again, just for safety’s sake.

    The recipe looks delicious! I’ll have to buy the potatoes and ham to try this one out! Kinda reminds me of those “Homestyle Bakes” type meals they sell in stores now. They usually contain either potatoes or pasta, plus meat, and maybe biscuits and gravy sauce or some such bread that goes on top. Except I’m sure this is much cheaper, and possibly better for you!

    Wonder how this would be with a thinner sauce, with the broccoli mixed in and Bisquick drop biscuits on top??? Sounds delicious to me!

  4. Yummy Christy. We make these too, but I always add broccoli or peas. I usually buy the scalloped potatoes and add in my own shredded cheese just ’cause I like it better that way!! 🙂 The other easy way I fix these potatoes is to mix them up, add in the veggies and cheese and top with boneless skinless chicken breasts. One dish meal, baby! Thanks for brightening up each day!! I feel like we’re neighbors, sitting down to share recipes, over a tall glass of sweet tea, rocking on the porch!! Shelly

    1. Thank you Shelly. I have been stressing about what to make for some comany coming over tonight. I am going to buy the scalloped potatoes and add the broccoli and chicken breasts and my own cheese. Now, what to do with the leftover Christmas ham?

  5. I went without a cell phone for the first 40 years of my life.. I can do it again. (and might have to if things don’t get better) I don’t think kids need cell phones.. tracking devices, maybe, but not cell phones.

    We are becoming too detached from each other. We call instead of going over to visit. Humans were not made to be alone. It just ain’t good for us.

    The casserole sounds good.. ‘cept we never have any left over ham. Our family has been known to stab clean through a relatives hand trying to get the last piece.. man Granny was mad for a long time.. till she healed up. I apologized of course.

    1. Wow Bill! I just heard a chorus of “Amen’s” from somewhere behind me. Very well put about people now secluding themselves and calling instead of visiting in person. For the most part, not speaking to people is the norm in my neighborhood, sad to say. That, and I have a 15 yr daughter who says ” I would rather text than call ‘cuz I just don’t like talking on the phone.” That’s is just crazy talk for me, lady w/ the gift of gab. I LIKE to hear laughter, not read it. LOL ;-O

      I love being neighborly! That is why yesterday I took 2 casseroles WITH leftover ham to friends in need. Now I HAVE to run out to buy some boxes of Au Gratin taters. Thanks a lot, ChristyCook.
      One more thing, my husband, the baby of 4 brothers (and his mama was a great cook) has stab scars on his hand from reaching for the last pork chop. Pity.

      1. First off, great recipe idea.

        Cell phones… my pet piev. I’ve purposely done without one for the past 15 years (yeah, they were huge ‘bag’ phones back then).
        If you carry a cell phone – it will ring. I’ve never regreted my decision though. PS. I use an answering machine at home on my ‘landline’, if its important enough they’ll leave a message, but don’t DARE call my house after nine PM – LOL.

        Through work I have been ‘blessed’ with yet another cell phone. But after only two days I’m about fed up with it. I left a written message for an employee to see me before leaving for the day, but instead received a cell phone call while shopping for office supplies in Walmart. Can you imagine telling an employee that their loved one has passed away in a phone conversation… well luckily no one passed away but you get my meaning. If I had wanted to talk to them over the phone I would have called them before I left the office.

        Same employee took it upon herself to get her own cell plan and hand me down the company phones to three of her children. Got a call from a school teacher wanting me to GPS pinpoint one of the cells to catch the thief who stole it. But alas, the very next day the child brings yet another work phone to school (contraband).
        Too much drama for me, just bring back our 3 business phones.

        An average months phone service here with NO extravegance is between 16 and 30 dollars. But another employee had three consecutiove months with over $500.00 – worth of all things ‘text messages’. None of which were business related, just bored.

        Say goodbye to an employee as he’s leaving, rrrriiiinnnng, I get a cell phone call from THE PARKING LOT. Too lazy to walk back in the building?

        Glazing at our 4 line office phone I receive a personal call… I’m ticked now, don’t call my cell when I’m sitting at my desk. If I’m missing in action ok, but dang, call me ‘normally’ first.

        First two days have just been too long… got to rethink this cell phone stuff.

  6. I have done this plenty of times before with Au Gratin potatoes, leftover chicken and broccoli.

    It’s ALL good. 🙂

      1. Hi Christie,

        I made the Scalloped Potatoes just last night, and exactly the way you did. Only difference was that I used ground turkey sausage instead of the ham. (We don’t eat pork.) I browned it first and then added it to the potatoes in the same step that you added the ham. Great cooks think alike I say. 🙂

        I have to tell you that I love your site and look forward to a new recipe everyday. I will pray that everything will work out for you and your new house. It is gorgeous!

        Cooking Buddy,


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